Nazis, ‘Commies’, etc (Part 3b of 3)

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‘Commies’ [i.e. Communists]
Communists, An-arhists, Demo-krates (of Athens), (even) Re(s)-publicans (of Rome, before they invented the toxic representative senate, for humans a la Mitch Mconell to poison the planet, Res-publicans paid attention to the public! )  and other ‘revolutionaries’ claim  that their basic aim is described in the following sentence:
“He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low  degree”  
This was stated by a girl in the Mediterranean more than 2,000 years ago. Note that this aim includes two acts: First the deposing of the powerful and second the elevation of the humble. The girl did not say if the ‘deposing’ was violent or not
More information about the girl can be found in the ‘Gospel According to Saint Luke’, Chapter 1: items 1 to 52 (King James’ Version).
It seems that these two acts are very important for humanity, as they are found in books like  the one mentioned above.
[Note: Given that this sentence was and is so important for humanity through the ages, readers of this article who like the music of Bach can find it on the Internet, ’empowered’ by Bach’s music. It can be found in Bach’s “Magnificat”, BWV 243, item 8. (The sentence is in Latin: “Deposuit potentes de sede et exaltavit humiles”.) My opinion is that the best performance is the one offered by the Netherlands Bach Society. An additional enjoyment is that in the video there are two women violinists that are (identical?) twins! Also, in the original text in Greek the Latin potentes and the English mighty was  expressed  with the word  dynastes (dynasts in English). End of Note]
In this article, of all the above ‘revolutionaries’, examined are only the communists.
The communist solution is erroneous as it is based on the existence of a Leader, in the same way that America (and the West) is based on a Leader, a Trump. No need to elaborate on this. In our times we have the painful examples of Russia and of America. Lenin, Stalin, et al killed millions. Teddy, Clinton, et al killed millions. The only difference is that the communists killed their own people, while the Westerners killed the peoples of other countries. For example, in my country, Greece, from 1945 to 1949, Truman killed more than 160, 000 Greeks. What pains most is that Truman ‘used’ as executioners the same Greeks that were collaborators of the Nazis and whose progeny today are part of the Greek elite.
[Note: The Nazis named the collaborators in all occupied countries the ‘villige’, which meant the ‘willing’. Does  the US State Department use a similar term in English, (‘willing’ ?), for the collaborating politicians of friendly countries, starting with Merkel. End of Note]
However, it is not  the Leaders that should interest us in our search for a solution to the problems of ‘we the people’. It is us, as individuals. There are three categories of communists, as in most other social groups: the professional communists, the foreign bodies, and the honest people.
The revolutionary professionals, of any color, have been classified in the minds of ordinary people with rather accurate words, for example: ‘politicians’. They constitute a minority.
The foreign bodies are the ones that do the greatest harm not only in a ‘revolutionary’ effort, but also in all human expressions. They have no morality, they are cunning, they are ruthless, they are cowardly, and the worst of all, they are cruel and violent. They reach up to 30% of any population, which means that they can do a lot of harm.
The honest people are in a majority. Although there is no need to define the word honesty, as we humans know it, if not from birth, at least from our elementary school years, here is a possible description: straight, upright, moral, just,realist …
The best way to understand a social theme is to present an example or a ‘history’ of an existing, or lived social situation. I first learned about the existence of  communism 83 years ago, in 1936. at the age of six. It was the incident of the discovery by the police, of the then dictatorship in Greece, of a secret printing press of the Greek Comunist Party (KKE from now on) close to the house of my grandfather.
Then in 1941, the Nazis occupied Greece for four years up to 1944. Very early during the occupation the KKE initiated a serious Resistance against the Nazis. The next three years the KKE built a remarkable Army of Resistance fighters. Who were the men and the women that entered this army? In Athens and the other cities were mostly working class young men and women, also older men who hated the Nazis. Most of them were not communists. In the villages it was the same. The Rightists, Center Conservatives, Royalists and the ever-present “Trampist” thugs  did not budge. They remained attached to ‘Patriotism, Religion, and Family’, a copy of Hitler’s ‘Kinder, Küche Kirche’ (Kids, Kitchen, Church). So Churchill, the Father of Victory for WWII, fearing that Greece will turn communist after the defeat of Hitler, his formerly object of admiration,  created a ‘Trampist’ counterweight to the communist Resistance against the Nazis. For that he chose as a Leader a rotund gentleman named Zervas. It so happened that the father of T.K., a kid in my neighborhood in Athens, my closest friend, and a fellow-pupil in High school, was a first cousin of … Zervas. T.K. let me know that Zervas was a gambler, etc. Now ‘gambling’ is an item in the list of expressions of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Also,
[Important Note: I do not know if in our societies there is a mandatory examination of the candidates for Presidents, Chancellors, Premiers , etc by a Psychiatrist. Did President Donald Trump have such an examination? Not that a person with OCD is a bad man or a bad woman. On the contrary, a great thinker, the Englishman Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709 -1784), who settled  a very important problem of humanity by declaring that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”, suffered from OCD. But it is a different case of having a person with OCD as a Leader, because that individual has to deal with a gigantic personal problem that lasts a lifetime, in addition to his duties as  a ‘Leader’. Also, ‘Tourette’s Syndrome’ is associated with OCD. A last addition to this Note: Somebody should explain to the men and the (rather few) women that invaded the Capitol the meaning of Samuel Johnaon’s dictum. End of Note.] 
Zervas was chosen by Churchill and his Geek collaborators to resemble (in Beard, etc) to Thanasis Klaras (Resistance name: Aris Velouchiotis) the Leader of the communist Resistance Army. Velouchiotis may well be one of the most important Greeks of the 20th Century. The word “Leader’ is used here in its Chomskyan sence. Noam Chomdsky says that a Leader has to “justify” why he is a leader. For example, a person who helps some people that are lost in a forest, becomes their ‘Leader’, as he is familiar with the paths in the forest. When all are out of the forest he is not a ‘Leader’. The Greek Resistance, with the help of Velouhiotis , forced Hitler to draw part of his forces invading Russia to fight the Greeks. A fact that has historical value, as shown by Nazi documents whch redorded the harm that Velouhiotis did to the Nazis.
Velouhiotis had a degree  in agronomy, as a  young communist he was arrested , tortured, and forced to sign what the pigs called  a ‘declaration of repentance” and denounce communism etc. He signed  and saved his life. The Leadership of KKE as well as most of his comrades considered this as weakness, treason etc. A blemish that he carried all his life.
[Note: What is the right thing to do? Die and let the pigs win or stay alive and continue to fight? Here is a case that can help us decide what is right. Makronesos is an oblong island close to Athens that was turned into a concentration camp for communists in the late 1940s by the CIA. More than 100,000 Greeks have suffered what a few people  have suffered in Guantanamo, a replica of Makronissos, a few decades later. Only 11 men (repeat 11men), of the 100,000, had the physical and psychological stamina not to do what Velouhiotis did; sign a declaration. One of them was Panegiotis Elis. About a decade after Elis was released from Makronesos, on April 21, 1967, the day the military dictatorship was established in Greece, of all the 10 million Greeks, the only person killed by the military was Elis! The murderer was a young Greek army officer. End of Note]
If Velouhiotis and his army had entered Athens, after the Nazis left in October 1944, the fate of Greece and possibly of Europe would have been different. At that moment the Greeks were almost 30% to 35 % if not card carrying communists but they were Leftists. The same was true for France and Italy. So, that had to change.
On December 3, 1944, Churchill, FDR, and Stalin, decided that Greece should be given as a ‘Gift’ to Churchill. What followed was a massacre of women and some children during a demonstration of KKE in front of the monument of the unknown soldier at Syntagma Square. Known as ‘The Dekemvriana’ [see my article in Covert Action Information Bulletin, Number 25, Winter 1986, pages 44 and 45]. So things changed.  
Velouhiotis had to be eliminated. Thus the leadership of KKE, Stalin’s plaything, kicked him out of KKE, an act that almost finished him emotionally. As expected, the British-controlled Greek government chased him and before they could get him Velouhiotis and his second-in-command held a hand grenade in front of their chests and blew themselves up. The brave Greek soldiers and the Christian Greek police cut their heads and hanged them from a pole in the square of a town in Northern Greece. 
Today Velouhiotis for most Greeks is a mythic hero. Actually he belonged to the part of KKE that included the honest  humans, as mentioned above.
The December 1944 revolt of Greeks in Athens, which lasted for a month, had all kinds of important events. If the tourists continue to visit the Acropolis in Athens, after we beat the Pandemic, they are advised to stand behind the Erechtheion, at the edge of the Acropolis, and look towards the horizon. What they will see is a straight wide Avenue that starts almost from the foot of the Acropolis and ends at the horizon between  the edges of two hills.
The name of the Avenue is Patission Street, it is about three miles long and absolutely straight. The name is due to a Turkish noble “Patiss aga” who lived in Athens during the time of the Ottoman Empire. The first 30 years of my life are connected with this street. I was born three blocks from its axis.
The part of the street close to the Acropolis for about 500 yards is named Aeolos Street (Aeolos being the God of the winds and therefore also of the … tornados!). About 200 yards from the beginning of Patission street, proper,  on its right side, looking towards its end, which is the North, there is one of the most cherished buildings of  Greece; the Polytechnic. It is considered a very good technical University as quite a few of its graduates teach at MIT . (See below for the rest about the Polytechnic.)
Adjacent to the Polytechnic is the Archaeological Museum of Greece. My suggestion: The most important pieces in the Museum are the marble head of the `Hygieia’ (Goddess of Health) and the bronze head of an ancient ‘Boxer’. If one looks carefully at the hair of the Goddess he or she discovers that the hair is negroid with the small waves having a length of about an inch. Which means that Malcolm X was trying to straighten his hair in vain, as he himself describes, since even a Goddess had wavy hair. Also, one realizes that Greece is quite close to North Africa. As for the boxer, it is interesting to notice the swollen ears of the boxer. Which means that violence in sports has very old roots.
As we walk Northwards on the left side of the street we meet a Square tangent to the street. Originally it was called The ‘Square of the Unmarried Men’. In 1927 it was renamed as ‘Square of America’ to honor the friendly people of America. Close to the Square there was The American ‘Near East Foundation’ for  needy children, established in the 1920s, which offered a soup kitchen for children during the Nazi occupation. I was one of the children in 1943, at the age of 13. One morning another kid arrived from the Square and announced that the Germans hanged two men in the Square. I rushed to the Square and what I saw were two men hanging at two steel poles that supported the electric cables of the street cars that run in Patission Street. What was imprinted in my mind: 1. Two Nazi military open trucks placed at two corners of the Square loaded with huge loudspeakers that were broadcasting pleasant music. 2.The behavior of the supervising Nazi officer. 3. The  dark green suit of one of the gentlemen that were hanged. The Nazis claimed that they were involved in the black-market of olive oil and they hanged them to protect … us poor Greeks. It has never been clear why they hanged these well-dressed gentlemen. One explanation is that the Nazis were collaborating with them in black market enterprises and the Greek gentlemen double crossed the Nazis.
At the third stop for the streetcar after the ‘Square of America’ is also a similar square named ‘Koliatsou Square’ located very close to the house of my family. All during the December revolt of December 1944, I was moving around Athens, as far as I judged that I was safe. Strangely I did not know anything about the drama that was taking place in ‘Koliatsou Square’, so close to my home. The drama of the Greek Gudrun (see Part 3a for the Gudrun saga). Her name Was Papadaki, she was the best theater actress of her time, etc. She also was mistress to the top Nazi officers in Athens. She was arrested by the communist revolutionists and interrogated. The two communists that did the interrogation belonged to what we have named ‘foreign bodies’ at the beginning of this text. Probably they raped her and in order to avoid facing their comrades, killed her. The Communist in command at ‘Koliatsou Square’ after a court-martial hanged both of them in ‘Koliatsou Square’.
This was a real godsend for Churchill, for the Greek Right, for the Dulles brothers (John Foster and Allen), and finally for the OSS (the Grandparent of the CIA). They ‘joined’ (associated) the jagged tin disc of an opened can of food, as an instrument of cutting the throat of a human, and a single Greek word! The word disappeared from the Greek language and the minds of the Greeks for 76 years, from the ‘Koliatsou Square’ Papadaki actress-incident  up to this moment, except for a few hours on Thursday November 16, 1973. The word: Λαοκρατία (in Greek) or Laokracy (in English).
The dominant word on our Planet for quite a long time, starting about 2,500 years ago in Athens, its place of “birth”, has been the word Democracy. A compound word of demos (1.district, country, land and 2. the people, inhabitants of such a district) and the word kratos (might, especially of bodily strength). Around 1943, the third year of the Nazi occupation, the Greek communists introduced the word Lao-kratia instead of Demo-cratia. I assume the reason for that was that the word demos sounds a little ‘elitist’ for modern Greeks. The word laos (known to the English-speaking peoples in the words; laical, licism, laity…) is… ‘laical’ (not elitist). As a  matter of fact the upper-class Greeks use it to denote that the lower-class Greeks are shit, to use the Trumpian term for most countries and people on Earth.
Obviously, the Greek ‘commies’ did not have loudspeakers to pass information to the people during the Nazi occupation.. What they used was the ‘honi’ (funnel). During those years the butchers wrapped the meat for the customer with a thick, greyish-white paper.The commies twisted it to a funnel-like contraption and shouted the information through it to the people. In my neighborhood this was carried out by two young men who lived  in a house next to mine. They used to climb at the top of an abandoned quarry and shout the news. So in 1943 I first heard the term “laokratia’.
The two young men, in their early twenties, worked as plumbers and they had an older brother who not only was a ‘commie” but  was  a professional one. The two young men were both killed during the December 3 revolt in Athens, they belonged to the  honest, part of humanity. The older brother, the professional, survived.  
Back to the Polytechnic: On December 15 1973, a Wednesday, six years into the US concocted military dictatorship in Greece, the Greek students occupied the Polytechnic, at Patission street. The next day on the wall of the low building on the right side, as we are facing the Polytechnic (or The National Technical University, as the well-educated gentlemen call it) there was written with black letters about 2 feet tall the word: ΛΑΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ (LAOKRATIA) It stayed there for only a few hours. It was erased by the students themselves with a cover of white paint on it. My guess is that the originators of the bold act were offspring of the Resistance fighters against the Nazis and that most of the rebellious students had never heard of it. Twenty-four hours later the adult willige of the Greek army had killed an unknown number of students and citizens. The official number is 24, the number given inadvertently by the driver of the master-torturer of the Greek Police is 45. Millions of tourists have already passed a few yards away from the erased word on their way to the adjacent Archaeological Museum. Is there a way to let them feel the importance of that word?
If in our societies we are about 30% Trumpist or crypto-Trumpist, a statement that is true, then there is a planetary problem not only for us, humans, but also for the cats, the dogs, and the rest of life on Earth. What can we, the 60 % to 70% of normal  people, do to avoid the catastrophe that this 30% of problematic fellow-humans will bring about at some point?
Given that violence must not be used, then there is only one solution to our problem. The solution is found in our numbers. Not even a single loaf of bread can be produced if we, the 60% to 70%, decide to act. The Trumpist and crypto-Trumpist 30% will be forced to behave.
There Is already a positive background:
* Americans use the expression: “We the People”
* The Greeks initiated Democracy, yet the right word is Laokratia, but even there the word Kratia, should be erased.
* No need for a Leader, a Trump, a Reagan, a Bolsonaro, an Orban,… The advice is clear: “deposuit potentes de sede …!” 

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