No Fennel in the Sausage, No $600 for the Jobless

Source: Inequality.org

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  1. owlishdog April 4, 2020 10:37 pm 

    How are the rich who live in lockdown, self-isolating areas, coping? Who’s making their meals, cleaning their toilets, doing their laundry, mowing their lawns, wiping their a(r/s)ses?
    One thing this crisis has shown is that the people who have the most money in our society are the ones we least need for this society to actually function. Who would you rather have right now, or always – the financial advisor or the hospital cleaner, the golfer or the supermarket worker?
    Working people need to work out who the true enemy is and society’s necessary workers – the cooks, the cleaners, the nurses, etc. – when this crisis is over have to go on general strike, the whole world over.

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