Of Bigger Thomas and Sambo

[This is part of an exchange between Andy Lucker and Mandisi Majavu in response to Mandisi’s essay "Africa: Life After Colonialism" from the book Real Utopia." Mandisi’s initiating essay is here, Lucker’s reply here. Below is Mandisi’s rejoinder…]



This is my first reply to Andy Lucker who takes issue with the essay (titled ‘Africa: Life After Colonialism‘) I wrote for the book ‘Real Utopia’, a book edited by Chris Spannos and published by AK Press. Lucker feels that my essay ‘harshly misrepresents Fanon’, and therefore concludes that ‘to be honest, I would not currently suggest people read’ the essay, because it "doesn’t clearly explain the social psychological (in his case, psychiatric) studies, which are the premise for his [Fanon] theories."




To make my reply coherent and easy to read, I have divided this essay into thematical sections that deal with each of Lucker’s specific criticism of ‘Life After Colonialism’ essay. The first issue I deal with is the concept of ‘self-hatred’.



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