On the adaptive evolution of Jurassic capitalism

It is true that just as the deadly predatory creatures of the Jurassic age managed to survive as harmless birds in the modern era, it is quite possible that even capitalism will evolve and survive in the future in some harmless non-threatening form.

The current era, known as the age of mammals, did not suddenly jump into existence. Some of the rudimentary form of mammals did survive even during the Jurassic era dominated by dinosaurs; the mammals lived in crevices and holes that couldn't be reached by the giant dinosaurs. These rats and bandits from the holes eventually managed to occupy a dominant role in the planet.

In the context of simple physical matter such as liquids when there is a constant increase in temperature, beyond a critical temperature the liquid starts melting and becomes a new state known as gas. These are known as first-order transitions. However, complex systems evolve differently at critical point.

Although the monarch was butchered and the bourgeois took power in the 17th century England and 18th Century France, the transition was not a clean first-order transition, as the bourgeois needed a stable market without religious fratricide. They created this stability in the heavens by bringing back monarchy or despot. Of course, this is not the same monarch any more, with his powers whittled down; it is like the difference between the T. Rex and the common Crow. The monarchy now co-exits with the bourgeois but in a harmless fashion.

The bourgeois nationalism leads to inter-nation wars and with the formation of global capital, the fight becomes fight for capturing energy resources and annexing markets in under-developed countries. These multinational companies are global dinosaurs that become fractals in space and time, peddling U.S. culture as mass mono-culture for rest of the world. Human culture, flora, fauna divesity will be restricted to forests and crevices untouched by capitalism's multinational dinosaurs.

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