Marjorie Cohn: SCOTUS EPA Ruling Signals Court Will Strike Down Rules Limiting Corporate Profit

This frightening decision could preempt new regulations the Biden administration’s EPA is developing to fight climate change

Austin Ahlman: “We Will Primary Everybody”

Democrats Don’t Have a Plan, but Abortion Rights Activists Do

Jake Johnson: US Supreme Court Drops Carbon Bomb on the Planet

One Democratic senator warned the right-wing majority’s ruling “could unleash a new era of reckless deregulation that will gut protections for all Americans and the environment.”

Nolan Higdon: Defund the Democratic Party

More Republicans in Office will Not Save Abortion Rights, but History has Shown, Neither Will More Democrats

Michael Waldman: Originalism Run Amok at the Supreme Court

Originalism, as used by this Court, just provides cover for a right-wing polit­ical agenda. It is a threat to democracy

Suzanne Gordon: Warriors@Amazon

How Bezos and His Company Wrap Themselves in The Flag

Robert Reich: The beginning of the end of regulation

The radical Supreme Court is giving the big business backers of the GOP exactly what they paid for

Brett Wilkins: Grave Warnings as Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case That Threatens ‘Future of Voting Rights’

“An extreme decision here could fundamentally alter the balance of power in setting election rules in the states and provide a path for great threats to elections.”

Ted Glick: Si, Se Puede on November 8

A look at Power Concedes Nothing: How Grassroots Organizing Wins Elections

Juan Cole: ürkiye gets its Way on Kurdish Groups, agrees to Swedish, Finnish NATO Bids

So Erdogan got the commitments he wanted on the Kurdish groups accused of terrorism, including the YPG, about which there is disagreement among NATO members.

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