Jo Littler: Meritocracy: Origins, Myth, Reality and Alternatives…

We simply can’t afford the rich if we want to flourish and the environment not to be devastated

Raj Patel: “Decolonizing” Climate & Health Solutions

A look at a new documentary on the climate crisis and the global food system, “The Ants and the Grasshopper,” by Raj Patel

Sonali Kolhatkar: Fed Up With Democrats, Thousands March to Demand Medicare for All

Neither the ACA nor the American Rescue Plan’s health care provisions ensure that all Americans have good-quality free health care

Justin Podur: Canada Is Waging an All-Front Legal War Against Indigenous People

After mass graves full of Indigenous children have been found, how can Canada justify ongoing land theft?

Nicholas Stender: Eviction tsunami crashes, Democrats shrug shoulders

An all-out struggle by the working class is the only hope to prevent perhaps the worst eviction crisis in the country’s history

Jake Johnson: ‘A Devastating Failure’

Eviction Ban Expires as House Goes on Vacation and Biden Refuses to Act

Samuel Farber: Why Cubans Protested on July 11

Is this the beginning of the end of fear in Cuba?

Sharon Zhang: Omar Unveils Guaranteed Income Bill to Send American Adults $1,200 a Month

Countries like Finland and South Korea have had similar results from guaranteed income programs, which freed up participants to pursue goals like starting a business or attending school

Shelby Ziesing: How Oakland Teachers Took Control of Our Return to School

We plan to conduct more mini-campaigns in the future to ensure that Oakland’s students are learning in buildings that are safe, clean, and welcoming

William rivers Pitt: Both the Delta Variant and Thin-Willed Democrats Are Lethal to Our Society

This is no time for advocates to seek the low road; it’s already underwater, and no half-assed infrastructure bill can fix it

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