Yves Engler: It’s time for Canada to sign the United Nations Nuclear Ban Treaty

Nuclear weapons remain a serious threat to humanity and the TPNW represents an important step toward abolishing them

Jeff Schuhrke: The Labor Movement Has a Game Plan for the Biden Era

This time, unions intend to get something done

PSL San Antonio: Texas schools are peddling lies to “normalize” COVID at the expense of communities

Please Help ZNet Source: Liberation News Local, state, and national officials are lying to Texas communities about COVID in schools. As part of their forced economic “reopening,” officials and administrators are scrapping safety plans, distorting statistics, intimidating teachers, holding funding hostage and ignoring the science of COVID spread in order to send as many children Read more…

Ralph Nader: New Auto Safety Report Demands Biden Strengthen Federal Programs Now

Biden promises a New Day from Trumpism. Let’s see if he and his team can provide America with a New Day of Public Safety from callous corporatism on the nation’s roadways

Anna Clark: Don’t Forget About Flint

The Roots of Its Water Crisis Remain Unaddressed

Ardeshir Mehrdad: Iran: Three waves of urban protest, 1992-2019

The sufficient condition for success is the ability to move beyond divisions and cracks

Gershon Baskin: There is an opportunity for Palestinian democracy with elections

While there is a great deal of skepticism regarding whether or not the elections will actually take place, there is already a flurry of action on the ground of initiatives to launch new political parties and jockey for positions within the existing political frameworks

Paul Lauter: Moving Past Hate: Lessons from the 1960s

To achieve the goals of a “Green New Deal,” of “#Me, too,” of the “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence,” and, most of all, of “Black Lives Matter” will require a patient and on-going struggle

Juan Cole: Biden’s own Moderates and Hardliners Battle it Out on reviving Iran Nuclear Deal

Two and a half days into the Biden administration, it is already clear that the Problem of Iran is going to loom large over its foreign policy

Rivera Sun: The Scale of Loss: 400,000 Dead

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of our failure to limit the spread of COVID-19

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