George Monbiot: The banks collapsed in 2008 – our food system is about to do the same

Massive food producers hold too much power – and the regulators scarcely understand what is happening. Sound familiar?

Brett Wilkins: Australian Progressives Hail ‘Greenslide’ Amid Big Left Wins and Morrison’s Ouster

“People have backed the Greens in record numbers and delivered a massive mandate for action on climate and inequality”

David Cromwell: ‘There Is No Way To Fool Physics’: Climate Breakdown And State-Corporate Madness

Time is running out too rapidly to fundamentally reform society and create a real democracy that people deserve

William rivers Pitt: The Greatest Trick COVID Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World It Didn’t Exist

We cannot wish COVID away

Walden Bello: Why the Son of a Hated Dictator Won the Philippine Elections

The failures of liberalism made illiberalism popular. But the inevitable crises of the Marcos-Duterte regime offer opportunities for progressive organizing

Ted Glick: Buffalo!

The shooting rampage in Buffalo, NY by the young racist/fascist that killed 10 Black people has filled me with mixed emotions

Winslow Myers: Humility

The U.S. may be alienated from Russia at the moment, but we still need to join each other as soon as we can in both disarmament and ecological initiatives

Nick Vachon: Overcoming an Onslaught of Dark Money Attacks, Progressive Summer Lee Declares Victory

The Pennsylvania representative faced down millions of dollars in negative ads from pro-Israel groups and took on the Democratic establishment by running on a bold left agenda

David Swanson: The Answer to the Latest Greedy War Spending Should Not Be Greed

Our cry should be “Move the money from war and destruction to the needs of people and planet!”

Liza Featherstone: There Was a Lot of Good News in This Week’s Primaries

Despite setbacks, socialist candidates eked out victories in this week’s primaries

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