Fred Gardner: The Villain Leshner

A look at addiction

Brian Tokar: 25 Years of GMOs, and Some New Insights from Argentina

This technology has failed to demonstrate any consistent advantages for crop yields or food quality, but has helped drive an unprecedented consolidation of corporate power in the global seed and agrochemical sectors

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Anti-System

Defending democracy against the far right involves many strategies, some short term, others medium term

Wenonah Hauter: No, Biden’s Climate Plans Don’t Cut It

Officials are touting plans to create new ‘carbon markets’ in the agricultural industries which would let financial speculators and corporate polluters team up to monetize soil practices that increase carbon removal

David Drake: The Market isn’t Enough

Decline of Coal shows Gov’t Policy, Renewables crucial to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Ashik Siddique: Could Biden’s Climate Policy Invite More Militarism?

Climate change poses an existential threat. That doesn’t mean we should further empower an already bloated Pentagon

Chuck Collins: COVID-19 has made the super-rich richer

It’s time for a billionaire wealth tax

Oorna Raut: Pushing the tempo at Mumbai’s farm sit-in

At Mumbai’s Azad Maidan, at a farmers’ protest in late January, dhumsi and tarpa players from Adivasi communities in Maharashtra’s Dahanu taluka opposed the new farm laws through song and dance

Alleen Brown: After Texas, Green New Deal Advocates Push Rooftop Solar

Will Biden Fund It?

Trita Parsi: Biden “Illegally” Bombs Iranian-Backed Militias in Syria

Jeopardizes Nuclear Talks with Tehran

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