Talli Nauman: Tribes and water protectors ward off new Black Hills gold rush

Treaty rights advocates denounce mining exploration permits in ‘The Heart of All That Is’

Francesca Gabbriellini: How Striking Auto Workers Showed Italy the Way Out of Decline

A worker plan for the green reconversion of the factory shows how labor can point the way to the future

Mike Kuhlenbeck: Biden’s Immigration Policies Are Failing

On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden promised change on immigration policy. He hasn’t delivered

South African Federation of Trade Unions: National Strike Called on Cost of Living Crisis in South Africa

We declare that we have no further tolerance for state inaction when it comes to causes and effects of climate catastrophies

Alejandra Quintero: Immigrant Detainees Strike Over $1 a Day Pay, Working Conditions

“They are compelled to do this. It’s not voluntary; it’s compulsory work, without proper sanitation and equipment.”

Adam Ramsay: Energy workers to stage more protests as companies raise bills but not pay

Employees at Drax, Grangemouth and other energy sites will walk out every fortnight as firms rake in huge profits

Shea Swenson: California Farmworkers Embark on 335-Mile March for Voting Rights

The United Farm Workers union set out for a 24-day march from Delano to Sacramento, the state’s capital

Urariano Mota: How to Participate in Pro-Democracy Movements

A while ago I tried to go through this dilemma: write my column or go out with all democrats to demand the return of freedom to Brazil?

Noam Chomsky: The Stench of Neoliberalism

Rebuild communities. Rebuild the consciousness that we’re in it together, not fighting for a little more of the pie at the expense of the next guy

CJ Polychroniou: The Inflation Reduction Act Should Be Just the Beginning

Without more direct intervention on the part of the public sector in combatting the climate crisis, what IRA will produce is a green capitalist industry with profit-making as the overriding concern

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