Israel, arrows in your fist,

stab down from above,

through the bodies of my people

into my flesh.

Yankee weapons, limey weapons,

weapons from all criminals and killers.

Their blood soaks into my wounds,

their screams into my mind.

’48 not enough,

’67 not enough,

’73 not enough,

every day not enough.

Every day you crush.

Bulldozers rip into my flesh,

destroying trees, homes, fields, lives.

Their sorrow and torment tears my mind.

Less than cattle at the checkpoints.

Less than animals in the prisons.

Less than nothing by the road.

A tourniquet on Gaza my arm.

My people stunted in your fist.

Do you wonder at their rage?

Their madness?

I, like they, writhe in pain.

Fire burns my mind,

twists my body.

I hide myself deep within me.

A hidden gem,

a seed for some day.

Israel I weep for you my brother.

You make for yourself a curse,

that will never die.


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