Poetry and Latin American Revolution


Introduction and Appeal:


The world is once again in turmoil. Several Arab nations are clearly in a state of mayhem, rebelling against decades of injustice. But their struggle is not always based on ideology, and it is not well defined. The West is taking full advantage of the confusion, pushing its own agenda, destabilizing countries like Syria or attacking them directly, as was the case with Libya.


Africa is bleeding, destroyed by the new wave and breed of European and North American colonialism. About 10 million people in the Congo have died in the last few years during the slaughter encouraged by the economic and geo-political interests of former and present colonial powers.


The West is hailing both India and Indonesia for their high economic growth, but both countries are squarely failing to deliver social justice, both clinging to the appalling ogre of feudalism.


“Possibly the Arab countries are now where Latin American nations were ten years ago”, suggested Noam Chomsky during our encounter, in June 2012 at MIT in Boston.


Possibly, but there also appear to be so many differences, both historical and cultural.


The South American continent is winning its struggle for independence and for real freedom. There are some setbacks, like the Western-backed coup in Paraguay and the state in which hopelessly divided Colombia exists. But on the whole, the South American continent has won its long and epic battle against imperialism, or at least for now it has.


The question is – could Latin America share its experience with the rest of the world? Would it be able to inspire the Arab people, Indians, Pakistanis, Indonesians, or Africans?


I don’t know the answer, but I think we have to try. It is our responsibility, our duty. Our goal, our struggle, our people are not petty. Our revolutions have been based on brightness, internationalism and solidarity.

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