SDS Minutes 11 – 10 – 10

SDS Minutes – 11.20.10


  1. Updates: New Chapter, Winter Workshop, Constitution

  2. Winter Work Shop

  3. Becoming and UNT Group and SDS Chapter

  4. Google Group

  5. Tabling

  6. Revolutionary Art


Winter Work Shop

SDS literature is available on SDSDC and the National SDS websites. Mike proposes we use this to make packets for people to read outside the workshop. This would allow us to spend more time research local issues and integrating basic ideas into our strategy.

Proposal Mike: Winter workshop readings will be bottom lined among the group. Drawing frist from the SDS website when available, and then reaching out to other sources so that the total of the SDFS literature is used and available. People RSVP and we send them a digital packet including what to read for what days, but still planning to hold the meetings so that people who haven’t read won’t be clueless.

Day :1 Vision and Theory of Radicalism

Democratic Theory – Ben

Parecon (video speech) – Garrett

Anti-oppression (Theory, history, etc.) – Mike/Kaitlin

Visualize democratic campus – AL/Garrett

Our place in the revolution – Garrett

Criticism of media/politics – Garrett/Candice


Day 2: SDS as a Whole

History – AL

Explaining the SDS Constitution – AL

Caucuses – Mike

Linking to other SDS groups


Day 3: SDS This Chapter

Consensus – Mike

Anti-oppression (practice) – Mike/Kaitlin

Conflict Resolution – Ben

How to Have a Discourse (Non-Violent Communication, Respect, etc.) – Garrett

SDS and UNT – Garrett and AL

UNT and SGA power structure – Garrett and AL

Other movements on campus ? other groups come speak – Stewart will contact.

Issues on campus – Ben


Day 4: Strategies and Action/Media and Rhetoric

Research and issues

Media workshop – Garrett and Candice?

Grassroots Gazette- Garrett

Other chapter questions



Day 5 : Decision making


Day 6 : Extra Time

Art Day

Crazy Art PARTY!


We need to figure out where we are going to hold it over break – Mike will research


Becoming a UNT Student Group

Garrett has paperwork.


Google Group

Garrett will gather all emails. We still have an SDS Google group so we’ll clean it up and use that.

SDS Tabling

Donations box.

We will be tabling Monday from 9-12


Revolutionary Art

Outreach to art students at UNT through SDS.

John and Jason are going to begin the process of constructing an artist work group to work with SDS.


Constitution Brain Storm

  • Establish accountability

  • Non-negotiable principles

  • Means expulsion and membership

  • Leadership (power with others, not power over others.

    • Responsibilities of leaders

  • Use of finances

  • Structure of SDS

    • Working group

    • Caucuses

  • What SDS wants to do

  • Illegal Activities

  • Expectations of Members

  • Can we provide anything to people?

  • FUN!

  • Changing the constitution and bylaws

  • Bylaws

Garrett and AL will take all the brainstorming notes, separate them into Constitutional and Bylaws and begin fleshing them out into more detailed sentences and paragraphs. At the next meeting we will go over Garret and AL’s ideas and discuss them further.


Next meeting is November 27th at 6:00 PM (tentatively)



Candice brought up that we need to educate people on how to bring up proposals. This may need to be something covered in the winter break meetings. Mike says that the facilitator should play an active role in helping people structure their proposals. We should also try to make the next meetings a bit more formal and we need to hone our consensus making skills. We also need to be more punctual.

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