Seminar on Madness

Madness is a topic much discussed

From ancient times to ours;

Now a crime, now disease,

Now an affliction of lovers.


Sane men keep safe distance

From unaccounted laughter,

Wishing to know what it is

That the laughter may be after.


Madness mocks the day’s routine,

Upsetting useful work;

Often just under a civil skin,

Waiting to go berserk.


So when just one goes mad the family

Attempts a private cure;

But when there are more the state appoints

Professional counselor.


But when madness pricks the counselors

Of nations near and far,

The only sane thing left to do

Is to go to an all-out war.


War lets out the maddened blood

And restores sanities

Which in time promise further wars

Putting madness on lease.

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