Sleeping with the enemy

Sleeping with the enemy.

For years now, the American anti-war movement has been sleeping with the enemy.  There were all sorts of rationales of course.  Mainly the argument that somehow sleeping with the enemy might somehow lead to the end of the wars.

But, surely that's obvious that this is not going to happen.  And by now, surely everyone is getting tired of all of the lies and excuses and starting to feel used.  If there's no other outcome to this weekend's raids from Obama's FBI on anti-war activists, then it has to be the divorce of the anti-war movement from the Democratic party.

The Democrats are still executing Bush's game plan for Iraq.  The plan was always to eventually draw down some troops, but still leave around 50,000 in place.  The permanent bases and our giant embassy are still there, and there is no clue from the Democrats that this will ever change.  The only thing that's changed is that our troops are now called 'non-combat' troops.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the Democrats decided to copy Bush and do a 'surge' there.  The result has been a massive escalation in troops, the worst year on record for NATO casualties in Afghanistan, and no sign that this is helping the situation at all.  If anything, we appear to be slowly losing that war.  Which is no surprise since the US military hasn't learned even after Vietnam and Iraq that its not about firepower but about winning over people's hearts and minds.  Of course, when you're the invading army occupying someone else's home, convincing their hearts and minds that you should stay isn't ever going to be easy.  To which the US military's solution is more troops and more firepower.  It won't ever work.  Electing the Democrats did not change this even a little.

It continues to get worse in Pakistan.  Obama and the Democrats have launched a full-fledged proxy war there, with Pakistani troops being used against other Pakistanis, large numbers of drone strikes which kill many beside their target in 'collateral damage', and lately incursions of US troops into Pakistan.  This part of the war is all Obama's.  

Somehow, through all of this, the anti-war movement has managed to stay in bed with a very pro-war Democratic party.  There seems a total absence of anti-war candidates challenging the pro-war Democrats who constantly vote to send our tax money to these wars instead of stimulating our economy and helping our own citizens who need help in these tough times.

But surely, when Obama and the Democrats start to openly beat their sleeping partners, then even the most deluded romantic has to understand that this disastrous relationship with Obama and the Democrats has to come to an end.

When your sleeping partner has been lying to you about what they'll do, cheating on you and doing behind their back exactly what they promised not to do, and when they've now have given you a black eye by openly attacking you this past weekend, well, then its time to throw the scoundrel out.  After all, there's got to be at least 50 ways to leave the Democrats.

In November, we have a chance to tell the scoundrels in a loud and clear voice that this relationship is over.  DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT.  Under no circumstances vote for any candidate with a (D) after their name.  Let the Democrats running for county dog-catcher to US Senator know that you no longer support Democrats.

If you want a response to these raids, then that's it.  If you want the Obama White House to look up and realize that this has to stop, then let them sit on election night looking at woefully low voting numbers and then maybe, just maybe they'll start to get the message.

See, the thing is, the Democrats have been sleeping over at our place.  Nearly 70% of the American people want the Iraq war really over and the troops home.  55% to 60% of the American people want the Afghanistan war over and the troops home.  Majorities want constitutional rights protected and more done to stimulate the economy.

If we kick the Democrats out, they're the ones who will have to go find a new bed to sleep in.  We don't have to.  We are the majority, and its our house.  

All we have to do is to put our foot down and kick these spouse-beating, lying, @#$$@$@#% Democrats out to the curb where they belong.  

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