Some Words on Slavery & Freedom, War & Peace

Some Words on Slavery & Freedom, War & Peace
10 September 2013
Jonathan C. Gillis

If since our earliest age we are indoctrinated into a system of totalitarian control, whereby we are inculcated to believe and entrained to accept that every avenue of our existence is regulated to some intermediary or other, it follows that virtually every facet of our life is artificially engineered to varying extents and degrees. Of course this is all “normalized” for us. This reality is hardly less than obvious, though the layers of consciousness are so thick as to be like the rings of an ancient Redwood. While it may be easier for some to follow along with the programs and programming of the Tyrannical World Order, for others, to stray not far off script, to cow under the terrible pressures of the many fears induced––like most everything, by design––one’s soul suffers immeasurably from such compliance. For such compliance would, by rational measures alone, be revolting to GOD’S ordained order, to the organic chemistries and processes of Nature, and is inherently treacherous and torturous.

So called public education, that is to say, the institutional indoctrination system, does not prepare us beyond the highly regimented confines of cultural conformity. Similarly, organized religion, namely, Roman Catholicism, and plenty of other denominations and sects, another form of institutional indoctrination, does not prepare us beyond the highly regimented ritualistic confines of cultural conformity. Critical thinking, like most everything it seems, is something we have had to teach and learn for ourselves, and it appears that the lesson is a lifelong one. Without the unadulterated truth, without the facts, without the ability to differentiate between actual reality and the mass produced reality of illusion, how might we consider ourselves free, other than to ponder our discernible enslavement?

An estimated 20 million people are victims of incestuous relations with parents in the U.S. alone. And this is the culture that is supposed to be considered exemplar to the planet? A culture that enslaves more of its people than the rest of the world? A culture that spends more money on, and generates more wealth from, war, terrorism, spying, manipulation, all manner of violence and atrocity than the rest of the world? And on and on. Evil is heralded as Good, war is touted as humanitarianism, mass classed slavery is deemed the pinnacle of freedom.

It is true, we might spend an entire lifetime struggling with any number of afflictions, pursuing the ideal of freedom without actually attaining our goal. Such pursuit seems the only honorable path; and such travels imply great courage and sacrifice. What does personal gain and achievement mean exactly in the context of the flood of horrors that befall us and the world writ large? I am tempted to define freedom, though instead I will lean more towards articulating what I do not mean by the utilization of the term, for I have more anecdotal evidence for the latter.

First, I do not mean a term. For instance, if someone declares “I am happy”, such a declaration is rather subjective and can mean many things; and one person’s happiness might be another’s misery. Indeed, happiness may be most sincerely and best expressed without a declaration thereof, notwithstanding the momentary existence thereof. And certainly, happiness should be qualified on the sharing, experientially, between consenting, natural and naturally modulating beings, not predicated on enforced and manipulated conditions. In a culture where greed and egotistical aspirations are demanded, encouraged and prevail, it is little wonder why so many are unhappy and suffer grave abominations.

Secondly, by freedom, I do not mean merely the ability of one to act and live their life as they so choose. For obviously, equality of choice does not exist, at least not in the absolute sense, for the spectrum of choices, while not limitless, vary from being to being based on a variety of factors and circumstances. There is no reaction without stimulus to hyphenate a law of thermal dynamics. A major problem for us is that most stimulations are contrived by tyrannical powers that have nefarious interests and operate in pursuit of insidious agendas. Furthermore, there is only so many words to say or deeds to be done, in only so many ways, in only so many languages, with only so many intents, to only so many ends.

Thirdly, I do not mean to suggest that freedom conditionally permits one to do whatever they want without restriction, interference, or fear provided they are more or less in line with the heavily regimented, censored, and enforced conformities within the dominant culture. For instance, though some American people might have a greater degree of freedom, as defined, interpreted, and enacted by doctrinal standards, and the enforcing and enforcement thereof, than other Americans, and many if not most other people of the world that have been acculturated into the same cultural canons, arguably varying levels of class slavery is at the foundation of the dominant culture. For instance, law enforcement is mainly a class structure that operates as an enforcing intermediary between the low class citizens and the upper class citizens, and between the castles of “legal“ power itself. In other words, the institution(s) that “protect and serve” are intermediary between those with authority (arguably illegitimate, and criminal, authority in most cases) and most of us, who are without authority. A significant point here, is that we didn’t decide for ourselves who on the police force has the “right to command” us––namely who comprises the police force––a bureaucratic arm did; nor for that matter, did we decide the laws which should be obeyed. What’s to stop a corrupt police force from not hiring someone who would really make a good cop, because they ascertain the candidate might be too morally upright, and unreliable if and when it came time to tout and defend the “thin blue line”? In the military, personnel have the right to “refuse an unlawful order”. What is crafted and deemed as lawful by authority, is often unlawful by any measure of  universal morality. The same is true of the “legal” system. The judge serves as the intermediary between us and the authoritarian system of codes and laws that govern us, with or without our consent. The same might be said of academia, the teacher or professor acts as the intermediary between us and acquiring formal education. How many students have a say in what they want to learn, or how they should go about learning any particular lesson? The same might be true of the medical establishment, the doctor serves as an intermediary between us and the healthcare we need. The same is true of the Church. For instance, the priest allegedly serves as an intermediary between us and God; how is it that we have been led to believe and accept that we need an intermediary between us and God? The point is that in such an enveloping dependence on an all dominating system, we are inherently enslaved, to varying extents. We are not self-reliant or capable to any measurable degree that accounts for truly genuine and meaningful self-determination.

Perhaps an adequate reference point to what I mean by freedom, is simply free will, that is, to think and make choices independently of any external determining force. Though I’m not convinced that that reference is adequate in this highly techno-apocalypse era. If there is the technology to remotely beam thoughts into one’s brain, in the identical voice of the one so trespassed against or in any manner of voices, without their knowledge, which incidentally there is, it seems that, among many other serious inquiries, the historic philosophic question of “free will” needs to be seriously addressed in very different parameters than generations past, quite apart from organic human thought and consciousness. I shall have to digress from many interconnected veins here, namely government mind control, directed energy weapons, gang stalking, satanic ritual abuse, targeted individuals, and so on.  

From my perspective, freedom is not the ability to choose between one or another conglomerated brand of the same commercial product, be that product a politician, a career, car, gas, a palm computer device, or an entire lifestyle. It should have to suffice to conclude that freedom meant here, is freedom from captivity and slavery, and liberty to understand and pursue one’s destiny, without, of course, the intent of maliciously committing moral depravities against anyone in the Natural––insofar as one is able and willing to be in accordance with the DIVINE, given the many restrictions, interferences and fears we are entrapped into and burdened by––due processes thereof.      

So then it seems that the journey is the deepest meaning of our existence. Therein lies a paradox of sorts. For the dominant culture is predicated on the conquest of all manner of things and beings. We are fragmented in our own minds, and thus we are constantly fighting a spiritual battle, with the forces of Good and Evil raging, mostly invisibly, yet transcendentally ever-enveloping. We are dependent on a global system which is antithetical to our freedom, and the freedom of our relative beings––many of whom are certainly denied and deprived to greater extents––those who are forced to pay the steepest price in untold horrors for our lifestyle, and to life generally. How do we overcome this great shame?

Ignorance certainly invites an arrogance that allies with such dishonor. Though ignorance is only one symptom of the overarching mechanism of dominance. And who among us will arrogantly proclaim and act as though they are immune to ignorance of some subject or another, even one they are “expert” at? Such an egotistical mentality is uninviting to, and an enemy of, compassion. Knowledge is power to borrow the old adage, though it is how we choose to act with any given knowledge, especially if we are matured to a degree of mastery of particular knowledge, that reveals the essence of our true character. It is perhaps far worse, far more dangerous at that, to be arrogant and full of knowledge, than to be arrogant in ignorance. Incidentally, contemptuous behavior is itself contemptuous, though the inverse is not so, by any measure of fundamental morality. Better to feign ignorance and be humble, than to boast and be supercilious.

We are led to believe that material possessions and commodities are the means by which we obtain meaning, happiness, freedom, life, and as though we even would know how to act and live as we choose, assuming we even achieved the ability to do so, the journey of enlightenment by method of awakened consciousness appears to be the only real space-time-realm where we can defeat our enemies who seem hell-bent on obliterating our souls and that of our kindred. I realize that statement, based on a belief, for I do not know how I would ever provide proof of such a realization, is perhaps symptomatic of the so-called psychological disorder known as schizophrenia. I also am aware that mind control programming, which can be done virtually entirely remotely, often begins to breakdown when the victim reaches around the age of 30, and many symptoms of mind control are symptomatic of “mental illness”. Incidentally I turned 30 in March of this year, and have only recently begun to seriously reason with where we came from, how we got here, and where we’re going. Coincidences can be convenient for a variety of reasons. Reasons do not necessitate the absence of experience and emotion, quite the contrary, reasons are the basis of knowledge, experience, and emotion. Most, if not all, happenings do not occur without some kind of planning by some force or series of forces. Maybe that was not always the case, but it certainly seems evident in the here and now.       

My generation, within this culture of supremacy, is one without an identity. Identifying with mind controlled cultural celebrities, the cleverly crafted messages transmitted through movies, music, radio, print, and television, uncritically identifying with the ideological paradigms of academia, the political and corporate establishment, the police-military-security-surveillance-state, is not epitomic of the essential self. Not even close. A semblance of Order may come out of Chaos because of the bidding of the overlords and masters of billions of beings, though it is still chaos that is the ultimate agenda devised by a marginal minority for the majority. Arguably, Nature is as close to perfection as there ever was or is, and the dominant “civilized” culture’s attempts to mimic, pollute, and corrupt Nature, all the while causing mass destruction and devastation, so that a small cabal of the global mafia might reign in unchallenged evil, is indicative of the pathological flaws and moral depravity of the industrial-service-research-hegemonic base of humanity, when love is substituted with hatred. Who was it that said the earth was created out of love? And how is it that the earth has been recreated in the image of hatred? Are more of us fluent in the language of hatred than in the language of love? Do we dare speak our native language or do we kneel before the acculturated language of command and control?     
We are born with inalienable rights, bestowed upon us by GOD, our CREATOR. Our rights are not granted by a government, in fact, history and present reality intimates to us that quite often the inverse is true, under the guise of so-called “security”, and even the very freedom we envision, yet that of which we are deprived of and denied. There is no Law of Nature that dictates to us that there should be a highly organized and monopolistically powerful intermediary, or series of intermediaries, between us and freedom, between us and GOD. In the dominant culture, we have been born into a form of slavery, debt bondage being one of the ligaments of the institution thereof. Perhaps the Establishments’ greatest illusion and most efficient regimen is that dominant “civilized” culture is a Natural progression of so-called human evolution and the champion of earthly imperium human "progress".

Ensnared in a highly regimented matrix of hegemony, we look at the façade of cultural imperialism and see a terribly insidious order, architected, arranged, and maintained by the minority cabal at the top of the pyramidal hierarchy of power. Arguably the most dangerous criminals and vilest villains ever unleashed. The wealthiest families on the planet, with their elite bloodlines tracing back generations, are drunk off the power to create a world in the image of the insidiousness they worship and mediate. Freedom is the way of life that revolts against such a world, and embraces GOD, which is perhaps another way of saying, LOVE, of the unconditional variety. Love does not imply pacifism, though such is a wonderful ideal which should not be abandoned until all other avenues have been exhausted.

As the New World Order loyalists and peons pound the drums and collectively scream for yet another absolute monstrosity––in an expanding cesspool of continuous bloodbaths––namely war with Syria, and quite potentially and dangerously Iran, and by extension Russia and China, we of modest, low, and no status have a choice. We can choose to let evil prevail, or we can at the very least, do everything we can to stop evil dead in its tracks. To be selfish and self-interested and self-important is not the telltale indication of individualism, nor of the tenants of universal morality and decency. To be selfless in a system fortified against such virtues, is revealing of a collectivization that is arguably rooted in phenomenon supernatural to the banking economy of the world. Such spirited energies are so righteous, there could be no way to mine, resource, package, market, and sell such responses to injustice. There’s always a choice. When we’re awake, there appears before us, choices we were previously blind, deaf, and dumb to. The hypnotic urge to fall back asleep is great, but the yearning to be unconditionally selfless is far greater.   

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