Spiraling Eviction Crisis Threatens More Renters With Homelessness

Source: Truthout

Photo by Abdul_Shakoor/Shutterstock.com


Tonya Cooper grew up on the south side of Newark, Ohio. Her dad suffered from alcoholism and severe personality disorders, ultimately landing him in a mental hospital. Her mom took odd jobs in the city when she could, but raising 17 kids — only eight survived — didn’t leave much spare time for work.

The family moved frequently between shanty houses and shacks, and Cooper didn’t have running water until she was in high school. She recalls vividly being teased at school for wearing dirty, misfitting clothes or smelling bad.

“You took what you got, and that was life,” Cooper says. “It always felt like we would have a place to go because our community was strong and the people were good.”

Carly is a political and social justice reporter based in the Bay Area. She’s covered the intersection of policy and human dignity in Chicago, Puerto Rico, Palestine and Argentina.

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