Statement on Mexican Election from Group in Veracruz

[Introduction by Dan La Botz: As tens of thousands throughout the country protest the results of Mexico’s presidential elections, a group in the State of Veracruz has issued a statement calling upon Mexicans to both refuse to recognize the results of the election and to engage in a campaign of civil disobedience to make it impossible for the new government to rule. The statement was issued by the Network United for Human Rights of the Huasteca-Totonaca region in the State of Veracruz, a region with a high percentage of Totonaca peoples, one of Mexico’s many indigenous peoples.

The Network received some notoriety a couple of years ago because of its advocacy of withdrawing from the national capitalist economy and creating an alternative market place and currency. In September 2010 when they first began to circulate a new and unofficial currency called the túmin, from the Totonacan word for money, the Banco de Mexico, Mexico’s central bank, brought charges through the Attorney General’s office against the creators of the túmin.

The group’s statement on the election combines criticism of the recent election with a general denunciation of Mexico’s political parties and the state and the advocacy of a turn to a communal economy and local self-governance.

The English translation is followed by the Spanish original.]


  1. While our movement and our Network United for Human Rights (RUDH) in the Huasteca-Totonacapan is non-partisan and doesn’t participate as an organization in the electoral process because we don’t believe in the state institutions or in the political party system, at the same time we refuse to recognize Enrique Peña Nieto as the winner of the republic’s national elections on July 1, 2012.
  2. We express our rejection of the manipulation of the media and of the polling organizations in the electoral process, and we reject the lack of democratic commitment on the part of the institutions and the functionaries of the government, in particular of [President] Felipe Calderón, whom we have also refused to recognize as president since the fraud of 2006.
  3. We reject in the name of democracy that we are having imposed upon us another president who has been repudiated throughout the country, for whom only a minority of people voted, people who were brought to the polls to vote under pressure, were tricked, or were corrupted with money and other gifts. We reject all forms of fraud, including the computer fraud that has been tolerated by the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE). The IFE is an organization which completely lacks credibility because it has not guaranteed the validity of the elections. It is an instrument of social domination, with the exception of a good number of citizens of good faith who participated as precinct officials, who were also duped.
  4. We invite conscious citizens to defend their vote, and once they have become fed up with the institutional avenues [of protest], to join us in putting aside the institutions of the state and together look for new forms of political activity, based on cooperation, equity, freedom and a real sense of democracy where the people give the orders and the government obeys. Don’t participate any more in the elections called by the IFE which only serve to elevate the political class and to legitimize the perversion of the government.
  5. We invited our fellow citizens to begin a stage of civil disobedience, disobeying the government in every way possible. This is about a peaceful revolution. If you can, don’t let them count you, don’t tell them anything, don’t pay fines, don’t pay sales taxes, don’t pay other taxes. Our taxes can be seen in the insulating salaries of the political class, in the pensions of the ex-presidents, the traitors to our country, in the financing of electoral fraud, in the rescue of the bankers and the businessmen who have taken over the firms that once belonged to all Mexicans. They themselves don’t pay taxes enriching themselves at the expense of the nation.
  6. If you are a teacher, teach the students about what is happening in our Mexico: tell them who the traitors, thieves, and murders are, those who deceive and kill the people. Create with the children the missing pages in the textbooks and change what isn’t true. Create a new generation of citizens conscious and courageous, human beings concerned about their country and about humanity.
  7. Don’t let them govern. Let’s think collectively about what we can do to stop obeying. If it is possible, don’t pay your credit cards. Liberate yourself from that slavery which has shackled us. Feel proud to have bad credit. Feel ashamed to be docile and to do everything they tell you to. If possible, don’t buy in the big supermarkets or in the transnational chains or in the shopping centers, and least of all in Soriana. Buy in the small Mexican stores. Buy natural products. Buy in the informal economy.
  8. When it is possible, buy pirate goods; don’t consume luxury products. Give things away. Freely offer a product or a service. Don’t accept anything from the government, whether it’s cheap or given away free. Don’t ask the government for anything. Don’t demand. Don’t protest. Ignore it. See with your heart and trust people. If it is possible, go with your neighbors and change your street name, at least on your block. If possible, put up a sign outside your house declaring “Autonomous Home.”
  9. If it is possible, don’t pay the light bill, cut it off. If it is possible, don’t respect daylight savings time. Don’t buy patent medicines, go to a natural healer. If it is possible, produce in your own home, let’s create family gardens and offer alternative products. Let’s make every home an informal store. Lower your prices. Exchange products. Accept alternative currency. When it is possible and only if it is absolutely necessary, name an alternative authority who will lead by obeying, but not as part of the government.
  10. If it is possible for you, conspire, because all of this is not enough, and the government is conspiring against you all of the time. This is a revolution of consciousness, and that’s the beginning.

From the Huasteca-Totonacapan, México
July 7, 2012

“Sow justice and the fruit will be peace.” 
Network United for Human Rights

Translation by Dan La Botz 

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