‘Strange’ States

Mr. ‘A’ owed to Mr. ‘B’ some of money.  Mr. ‘A’ strived to pay back his debt, but he had difficulties. However, Mr. ‘B’ was adamant in demanding his money back. So, in 2002 Mr. ’A’ killed Mr. ‘B’.

As usual, in human societies the killer was to be punished.

The state in which ‘A’ and ‘B’ were born and lived, naturally, had it own rules for punishing criminals. In all states these rules,  in  essence, are  devised by the ruler of the state or by a group of elites that rule a state. Parliaments, Congresses , etc.  are ‘decorative’ fronts that have been used since the Romans to deceive the unwashed masses. However, the most effective tool that the rulers and the ruling elites have used and are using to ‘construct’ the rules is religion. For example, a ‘benevolent’ ruler decreed through his religious operatives that it should be ‘eye for eye, tooth for tooth, etc.’ [Exodus,- 21: 23- 25] as it used to be two eyes for one eye and so on. Unfortunately, in the US, the ultimate Christian nation, it is one tooth for one tooth for the WASPs, but  a dozen teeth for one tooth for the US blacks.

In this particular case of ‘A’ and ‘B’, the rules, were “constructed”, by a ruler and the tool was solely religion. Thus, the punishment of ‘A’, the killer, according to the rules had to be: beheading in the public square. In more benign societies, as the US, the punishment is through chemicals and with a restricted public.

In most societies there is the possibility of a ‘kindhearted’ ruler pardoning a criminal, especially if the criminal, is rich, famous, a ‘useful’ Nazi, etc. In the society of ‘A’ and ‘B’, only the victim’s heirs can pardon the killer. What is more, everyone of the heirs must agree to the pardon. Mr. ‘B’, the victim, had six children, of which the youngest was three years old. Of course, the wise constructors of the rules decreed that the 3-year-old would be mature enough to express his opinion when he would be fifteen years old.

Whether it was the ruler, the clerics, philosophers, or other intellectuals that gave a 15-year-old the right to decide the life and death of a human is irrelevant.What is important is why hundreds of thousands or even millions of men and women succumb to such irrationality.

Now, all these years in prison waiting for the 3-year-old to grow up, Mr. ‘A’ did what all ‘honest’ people do in a prison he declared in many ways that he found God. Actually Mr. ‘A’ managed  to become a cleric in the prison.

Here are two examples of this sudden religiosity:

– Most prisoners when standing in front of a parole board become fervent ‘believers’. This observation could be considered as a sufficiently accurate picture of the ‘believers’ situation in the general population.

– On October 21, 1999 a 23-year-old Greek, named Pandelis Kazakos, a white male dressed in military fatigues for about seven hours was roaming downtown Athens searching to kill black immigrant workers. He killed two and wounded seven, some of who were crippled for life. When asked by the police why he did it, he answered that: “He is a Christian and they are Muslim”. He was sentenced to two life-terms for the two murders and 25 years for the seven attempted murders. During all this procedure, around his neck he was wearing a huge cross, about 8 centimeters high, with the body of Christ, sculpted in three dimensions, hanging on the cross.


Back to the case of Mr. ’A’:

Finally, Mr. ‘A’ was pardoned as one 17-year-old daughter of the victim agreed to pardon him. Also, the family got $ 800,000 and the daughter $ 130,000 by a top local cleric for pardoning Mr.’A’.

These events happened in the 21st century. The state was Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia was a British protectorate from 1915 to 1927. In 1937 the Americans found oil in it. In 1945 the US had the magnanimity to accept Saudi Arabia as a precious ally. There are quite a few thousand persons as princes, princess, etc., highly educated people in Oxford or Princeton, that are related by blood with the royals that have been used as a façade by the British and the American Christian elites, in their benevolent effort to secure oil for the cars of ordinary Americans and oil needed for bringing the Athenian democracy to the peoples of our planet. Religion has been the tool for achieving this tremendous feat.


A state of fair-skinned

A week ago, on March 23, 2015, a man called Ted Cruz announced to the world that he intends to become a ‘planetarch’ (ruler of the planet), that is President of the US. If ‘Ted’ stands for ‘Theodor’, a Greek name which means a “gift by God” and ‘Cruz’ means a “cross” in Spanish, then the Almighty has a strange sense of humor, as the cross was usually used to hang criminals. Anyway, it is interesting to meet this future ruler  of the planet.

Cruz is a conservative-Republican-second generation American. That is, as a conservative he is a (professional) God-fearing religious person, as a Republican he is for the rich, he hates the blacks and the poor whites, and as a second generation Cuban-American he hates the immigrants.

So, Cruz as a very ‘religious’ person is using the Evangelical God to win votes. Now, the original ancient Greek  word was ‘eu-aggelion’ and it meant ‘good tidings’. Let us see, what were the ‘good tidings’ that we received two thousand years ago: Destruction with sledgehammers of many of the sculptures of Greece and Rome as idolatrous . It took the Muslims many centuries to accomplish that feat with the sledgehammers of the ISIS in Iraq. I think that the way that I have tried in recording the ‘good tidings’ is a bit cumbersome. Thus, I shall try a quasi-telegraphic way by naming the names of famous Christians: Crusaders, Luther (of burning witches), Calvin (of the desiccated humans), Columbus (who hanged Natives in dozens to honor  the Apostles of Jesus), Napoleon, King Leopold of Belgium (the ultimate Hitler before Hitler), Hitler plus Mussolini, the Dulles brothers (sons of a clergyman),  W. Bush (a born-again son of God), Cheney, Wolfowitz, John Bolton etc., etc. The result: rivers of blood of innocent humans.

Cruz an extreme rightist is disliked by his ‘blue-blooded’ [that, is born in the ‘Land of Liberty’] rightist colleagues in the US Congress. Whether it is the character of Cruz or his descent is irrelevant, what is relevant is that a part of the US population agrees with the rightwing extremism of Cruz and his hypocritical religious posture.

As expected Cruz needs money to win the seat of the ‘planetarch’. His aim is to secure $ 40 million for that ‘struggle’. Probably he will make it. I guess all of us can suggest a better use for this amount of money.

Finally, Cruz puts the finishing touches to the portrait of an individual who has integrity: he insists that the climate of the earth has no problem. It has been raining in sunny Greece for three consecutive months.



Given that religion has been ‘used’ by the elites through history in a most brutal way for political and economic purposes and, also, given that a part of humanity not only tolerate that, but are accomplishes to the brutality, while the rest are either the victims or frightened observers, it is, or better it has always been, if not one of the basic problems for survival of the species, at least it is a problem of paramount importance. Is there a solution? Yes. Recognize the problem and start a worldwide discussion for its solution at the level of ordinary people.

Also, it is rather sad that the world Left has historically avoided to face the problem. The Soviet, Albanian and other regimes which tried to eliminate the problem through violence or dictatorial methods were never Leftist, anyway. It is difficult to solve the problem of the intrinsically violent religion, but the only way to do this is  through honest discussion.

Is it so difficult to build a society of wisdom and morality? Not. If the ‘many’ have the honesty to see what is going on in the world.

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