Tell Congress: we demand a Green New Deal


Our world stands on the precipice of darkness — and we must make a choice.

With just 12 years to take drastic action and avoid permanent catastrophic climate change, do we take powerful action to save this planet for future generations? Or do we ignore our inevitable reality, as so many of our leaders have before?

We choose action. We choose bold, powerful reforms that call for a wartime-like economic mobilization built for a singular purpose: achieving 100% renewable energy and net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

We choose a Green New Deal. That’s why Alexandria built a coalition of dozens of legislative allies, walked into the halls of power, and told the nation that half-measures and compromises were unacceptable — you don’t meet planet-destroying forces halfway, you meet those challenges head-on with everything you’ve got.

Now, it’s our turn to play our part. The plan for a Green New Deal, economic justice, and saving our planet is on the table, but it’s up to our grassroots strength to force Congress to act.

Will you sign on as a Grassroots Co-Sponsor of the Green New Deal, and send a message to every Democrat and Republican in Congress that we’ve waited long enough, and that we will not tolerate inaction any longer?

Sign the Green New Deal

Our nation is capable of incredible things. Decades ago, we took the economic and scientific power of the United States and used it to put a man on the moon — an achievement that defined the aspirations of a generation, and showed Americans that “impossible” was just a word.

Today, after years of people saying that we can’t defeat climate change, that it too is impossible, we call upon that same power and that same nation of incredible people to believe once again.

The survival of this planet for our children is not impossible. Not if we take action today, not if our leaders stand up for the people, not if we pass the Green New Deal. 

In solidarity,

Team AOC

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