Tensions rise in Honduras after more assassinations and media supression

The coup "light" in Honduras is starting to show the lengths it is willing to go to in order to maintain control of Honduras with the assassination of a union leader in San Pedro Sula and the detention of the TeleSur team who have been providing minute by minute coverage of events in Honduras over the last 2 weeks. A local feminist radio program also had it’s signal blocked last night when attempting to recount the events of the last few days in resistance. The Honduran people are now living under a near total blockade from non-corporate media. Corporate media who have been key players in the organization and maintenance of the coup regime continue to go to great lengths to convince the population that everything is as it should be and that the few rebellious people marching in the streets are communists who refuse to work and are fighting against the Honduran people. President Mel Zelaya has vowed to return to the country this week after "negotiations" stalled in Costa Rica.

The assassinatination of Roger Iván Bado, a union leader in San Pedro Sula was carried out in cold blood with a knock on the door followed by a number of shots in the back when they were unable to understand the person on the other side. There is no evidence of a link to the government or the oligarchy but in the conditions the country is living at the moment and given that he was actively participating in the resistence it’s difficult to see it as an isolated incident.


These actions all set the scene for an increase in tensions in a divided nation. The actions of the Front against the coup continue to be played out in the streets of Tegucigalpa and across the country. In the last few days they have held marches blocking strategic exits to the city as well as concerts and other cultural events which aim to maintain the presence of resistance with the aim of increasing both domestic and international support. The private media in Honduras and the world continues to play down the size and number of protests that are taking place and demonize the use of graffiti as a form of expression. In the coming week planned acts of resistance include: an act of disobedience to ignore the curfew being imposed from 11pm until 4:30am (private media are also calling for an end to the curfew because it is affecting their profits) by staying the central plaza where cultural acts of music, theatre and political discourse are being played out in front of thousands; a joint blockade of roads in the centre of the capital involving striking teachers%2

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