That dangerous evil thing – Communism

Incredible amount of literature has been developed that denigrates both communism as a concept and the leaders who developed it. There have also been former socialist intelectuals jumping to the capitalist side of the great wall who have been welcomed with great glee. Of late there are many ex-communists of the former Soviet Union and China who even say the correct path of communism is capitalism and the global free market. Despite all this we have seen how even when the Roman soldiers murdered Jesus by putting him on the cross, the popularity of Jesus grew so much after his death that eventualy the Roman rulers had to convert to the new religion, Christianity.

All the scientific predictions Karl Marx made are coming true. Karl Marx's theory of the ineveitable collapse of capitalsim are coming true as the global free market struggles to keep itself afloat from constant collapse. Every remedy to fix the problem creates more and more unsurmountable problems for capitalism. The rich become richer and richer and the poor become poorer and poorer and this fundamental inequality is growing bigger and bigger. Just like Darwin's theory of evolution, the philosophy of dielectical materialism is the fudamental philosophy of science. Just as Feudalism of the Roman empire was destroyed and a new capitalistic bourgeois society was created in Europe based formal equality of all men, to realize this fundamental principle of equality, a new communist society has to be formed.

The religious right wing describes communist society as a heartless godless society. Marx describes religion as the heart of a heartless society and the soul of a souless society – the opium of the masses. He says let us bring the Heaven to the Earth, why not? Why should Heaven be in Heaven only for the rich bourgeois. To understand why all the religious fanatics behave so fanatically against communism is the anger against doubting Thomases. Jesus Christ was put on the cross by Roman soldiers and they shifted the blame on the Jews, the very people for whom he was fighting for. The Romans murdered Jesus, hijacked Christianity and even used Christianity to fight its off-shoot Islam in its great crusade war. Mohamed, quite unlike Jesus, wanted to fight violence with violence. He symbolized this by carrying Quran on the left and the sword on the right. He realized that it is futile to end-up being incorporated into the system like Jesus and his Christianity. All the religious freaks and addicts find a comfortable abode in the capitalist bourgeois society but for them religion is about living in the abstract philosophical plane and they have little or no contribution to make to the society at present. The religious right represent the old feudal society destroyed by the capitalist bourgeois, who created a new kind of property, the global omnipotent exchange mechanism known as money, that replaced the old property, the feudal agricultural land.

The capitalists bourgeois society is however on a stronger position than the religious right as they support formal equality of all people. They also support science as long as science serves them like a slave. Karl Marx wanted to use modern tools of science to study human society and through this process evolved the concept dielectical materialism and scientific socialism. The bourgeois had to destroy the old feudal society, in order to free the slaves and employ them in their factories.  By employing the plentiful supply of workers from villages and smaller towns the capitalists and his managers were able to establish a new system of production that produced the modern bourgeois society. The class conflict that arrises from the exploitation of the workers who form the 99% as opposed to the 1% that represents the managers gives rise to the proleteriat revolution as envisaged by Marx.

At a fundamental level the processes that bourgeois created have been set in its own motion, which is now no more in his control. The scientific theories of Marx and Engels are now being confirmed by the studies on human evolution and physical sciences. Facts are emerging that the early human society was matrilinear in nature as envisaged by Engels. The concepts of physics such as the principles of opposites such as motion and stationarity, momentum and space, particle and wave, individuality and collectiveness all point to the underlying philosophy of dielectical materialism. Marx says clearly that the human essence or individuality is nothing but the ensemble of his social interractions. This important statement is fundamental to many facets of social and collective identity, both physical and metaphysical.

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