The Case of Greece

– The problem

More than seventy years ago the US elites, as leaders of the West, decided that there should never be a leftist government in any European country. Especially in countries like Greece with its geopolitical importance. Also, if successful, a leftist government in a ‘poor’ country like Greece could be a deleterious example for the other countries of Europe.

* In 1944 the Greek left, numbering close to half of the Greek population, following the Resistance against the German Nazis, was armed and could establish a leftist government in a few hours. This never happened as the US napalmed the Greeks to submission. Thus by 1950 the Greek left, decimated in numbers, entered a period of suffering in silence.

[Note: The seeds for this development were, possibly, planted by Allen Dulles, of the Dulles Brothers, in 1943, two years, before the death of Hitler, during his infamous meeting with the German Nazis.]

Meanwhile, the US ‘created’ a stratum of ‘collaborators’ out of the ‘conservatives’, i.e. right-wingers, of the Greek upper middleclass, who were educated in US universities and who and their progeny became the instruments for the control of Greece by the US, to this day.

* In the early 1960s the Greek left recovered somewhat and it was possible, if allowed, to form kind of a ‘leftish’ government with help of the social-democrats, this time through the parliamentary process. It was not allowed and in 1967, the US intervened once more by imposing a military dictatorship manned by a group of brutal crypto-Nazi colonels, while in 1963 Gregoris Lambrakis, M.D., a prominent member of the Greek left, was assassinated in Salonika and inspired the Gavras film “Z” and the title of ‘Magazine’.

The dictatorship lasted for seven years up to 1974.

* From 1974 up to 1981 the Greeks, especially young people, made a very important and powerful surge towards the left. In 1981, Andreas Papandreou, a Berkley professor of Economics, became prime minister of Greece by winning the parliamentary elections with his ‘socialist’ party which he named PASOK, by borrowing the acronym of a leftist student group at Berkley. During the decades that followed he accomplished a sinister feat; he neutralized the Greek left by blatantly copying the slogans of the Greek Communist Party, while practicing a rightwing rule and by using an army of Nazi-type squads, the ‘green guards’ [as green was the official color of PASOK] who controlled the people of the villages and small towns. Also, he ‘fattened’ that part of the middle class that constituted his political clientele. Finally, he raised corruption to a superior ‘art’. Actually, one of his top ministers, a civil engineering colleague of mine, who almost became prime minister of Greece, is serving a long prison term for the crime of payola in the millions of dollars. Those were happy PASOK days for the US Emperor and initiated what is happening to Greece today.

[Parenthesis: It is a truism that an extreme crisis, an occupation by foreigners or hunger, forces a population to go to the left. This holds especially for the middle class. The case of the German Nazis was and is different, as it was ‘manufactured’ from the top.]

Thus, the present vast suffering of the Greek people, perpetrated by the European proxies of the Emperor, resulted in the SYRIZA government, the first leftist Greek government, ever, as it pushed a political party of 5 % of the votes to 37 %.

As expected, the Emperor intervened for the third time to prevent the survival of a leftist government and avoid the spread of the ‘virus’ of leftism in Europe. This time the ‘attack’ was quite sophisticated. The analysts of the Emperor knew the weaknesses of SYRIZA and succeeded in dismembering it. The ‘surgical’ instruments for the operation: the banks and psyops, with assistance of local quislings.

At this point I think it is useful to examine a, in my opinion mostly ignored, parameter which has become a curse for the left, world-wide: the personal enmities among leftists.

  • ‘Ramparts’, the US magazine of the left [1962 – 1975], was the most important voice of the left not only for the US but also for the rest of the world, especially for the Greeks during the 1967-1974 military dictatorship. David Horowitz was an ‘Associate Editor’ and later a member of the ‘Editorial Board’ of ‘Ramparts’. A few minutes after the 9/11 event “Mary Matalin, the counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney receives this from David Horowitz, a conservative writer: ‘Today is Pearl Harbor’”. [International New York Times, September 11, 2015, pages 1 and 5] Maybe the reason that Horowitz became “a conservative writer” is an extreme one; however it is a reason that should never exist in a left society. Yet, I feel that the expression ‘walk-in’, coined by the CIA to describe the persons that walk in a US embassy and offer themselves as finks as described by Philip Agee in his book Inside the Company: CIA Diary.


– The leader of the part of SYRIZA that disagreed with Tsipras and left SYRIZA is Panagiotis Lafazanis, a 64-year-old mathematician, with Eurocommunist roots. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece [KKE] is Demetris Koutsoubas, a 60-year-old lawyer, with Stalinist roots, who gives the impression that he is the Mutt part of the ‘Mutt and Jeff’-duo. A few days ago Koutsoubas characterized the utterances of Lafazanis as “Lafazan-ies”. The aim of the characterization was to associate in the mind of the listener the sound of “Lafazan-ies” with the expletive “m … -ies”, which describes the results of the act of self-abuse.

A couple of days later there was a debate of all the leaders of the Greek political parties on the Greek public TV. Passing by the seated Koutsoubas, Lafazanis accosted him with the question ‘Lafazan-ies?” Does anybody expect these two humans to cooperate in the future even for so important a matter as the survival of an entire population; the Greeks, given that each one of them ‘controls’ about 6 % of the Greek votes? [See below ‘The Solution’]. Which fact highlights the importance of an anarchic and participatory society.

– The word ‘antarsia’ in Greek means ‘revolt’, ‘rebellion’. A group of Greek leftists with rather libertarian tendencies chose as its name the acronym ANTARSYA, for obvious reasons. A few months ago I attended a gathering of ANTARSYA. The arrogance of some of them, persons with relations to academia and higher learning, would have driven any normal leftist to personal enmity towards these persons. Of course, this arrogance is a curse for the left all over the planet.


– The Solution

In my ZNet article “Greece: The Beginning”, of July 22, 2015, I described a possible solution to the present Greek problem by a reaction of the Greeks from below, based on the vision of Chomsky, Bookchin, Hahnel, and Mike Albert for a participatory society. This description is still valid. However the urgency of the present situation demands an examination of the developments, literally, of the next hours. After two days, on September 20, parliamentary elections are going to be held in Greece.

Here is a possible solution:

SYRIZA of Tsipras will get about 30 % of the vote. The Communists [KKE] will get around 6 %. Lafazanis will get around 5 % and even much more than that. Therefore the ‘united’ Greek left will get around 41 % of the vote and even more than that. A coalition government of the three could last for more than a decade and be an example for the rest of Europe.

Is this good for Greece?

– Whatever happened with SYRIZA of Tsipras does not erase the ‘leftism” of SYRIZA and of Tsipras. The personal problems will, hopefully, be solved finally through the pressure from below by the suffering population.

– Historically the base of the Greek Communist Party (KKE), the ordinary men and women, were and are the most conscientious, potent, and heroic part of the European left.  However, its leadership, as expected, was and is the plague that has devastated an honest effort by humanity to live in justice. In the Greek case the acts of the KKE leadership for the last two decades point to a penetration by the Emperor into the party. Again, Philip Agee tells us that in Ecuador he managed to have as agents three members of the eight-member Central Committee of the local Communist Party.

– Lafazanis is a level-headed and honest individual who will apply a democratic behavior of his party, which carries the name: “Popular Unity” or LA.E, in its Greek acronym. But what is equally important is that Zoe Konstantopoulou will be part of the Lafazanis movement as an independent ‘associate’.

In my TeleSur article ‘Bulletin from Athens’, of October, 3 2014, I mentioned:

Mark these names ‘Zoe’ and ‘Rena’

Zoe … is a young Greek woman, a lawyer, and a member of the Greek Parliament … Both her parents were brutally tortured by the US-trained Greek torturers … [of the] military dictatorship …

However … it is not the history of her parents that helped Zoe to become one of the most important women in Greece. It is her honesty, strength of character, and brilliance that have surprised the ordinary Greeks.

… Zoe [pronounced Zo-ee, accent on ‘ee’]… as a parliamentarian she had to confront the incredibly amoral and devious geezers of the governing right-wingers …

My opinion is that Zoe, as Greece is being attacked by the Empire, will play an important role in the struggle for dignity that lies ahead for the Greeks”.


So, if the left makes it above 40 %, what about the Emperor, will there be an ‘intervention’ for the fourth time?

Given that the above solution of ‘SYRIZA-KKE-LA.E [of Lafazanis]’ is rather impossible, Greece will lose once more an opportunity for a beginning for a new society and the Emperor will not have to use its reserve; the Greek Nazis to provoke bloodshed.

Yet there is hope for an interim solution; the erasing of the DEBT. Zoe, as speaker of the Greek Parliament during the last seven months, has already done the initial work for this by establishing a ‘truth-committee’ and by inviting a group of international experts to participate in the proceedings.

Zoe is also promoting the case of Hitler’s forced loan from Greece during the German Nazi occupation and the case of reparations for the devastation of Greece and the slaughter of the Greeks during the same period of 1941-1944. An official estimate by the Greek authorities finds the amount owed to Greece to be equal or surpass the amount of the Greek DEBT to the proxies of the Emperor. Here there is a shameful and strange situation: excepting Zoe and Lafazanis no other Greek politician dares touch the subject, including Tsipras. It seems that the orders from Merkel and Schaeuble are extremely strict. Maybe, there was the ‘usual’ threat of kicking Greece out of the European ‘Paradise’.

Finally, here is my guesstimate [a.k.a. educated prophesy] for the results of the elections in Greece to take place 48 hours from now:

* SYRIZA will win the election and probably with a decent percentage of the votes. As for its ‘program’, my feeling is that it hopes for a solution of the Greek problem through a pan-European leftist movement which will bring dignity to Europe.

* Lafazanis and Zoe will have significant percentage of deputies in the Parliament and will strive to move Greece away from a brutal and amoral European political, economic, and social culture.

* No need to comment on the problem of REFUGEES from Syria, etc, only this:

The millions of tourists who will visit Delphi in Greece, as they gaze from the mountain of Parnassus towards the sea on the left edge of the sea shore they will spot a small village, named Kirra, which is considered the oldest place in Greece since thousands of years ago. Through the ages all kinds of races have left their mark in that place. For example, even today the locals exclaim the shout “Cochran! Ora Cochran!”, which means “Cochran where are you?” Cochran was a British gentleman abducted by local bandits in the middle of the 19th century at Kirra. I was impressed when years ago I heard the local people use the name “Hugr’s” [Hungarian] to denote that a person is “mean” and “evil”. Who knows what kind of Hungarians passed through Kirra many centuries, ago? Given that all men are born rather kind all over the planet, my opinion is that the Hungarian elites are the descendents of the Kirra “Hugr’s”, considering what happens this very minute at the Hungarian fences. Also, we should not forget the Hungarian Nazis.

To close this, I have to describe the ‘conservative’ individual the unfortunate Emperor is left to have as a leader of the opposition against Tsipras in the present election. His name is Maymar-akis [?] a violent person who as a right-wing student, called at the time a ‘Centaurus’ or a ‘Ranger’,  used to beat up his leftist fellow-students and whose single talent is to talk the way a Greek smart-ass rough talks.

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