The end of COVID could mean eviction

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Source: Truthout

After more than a year of economic, social and spiritual upheaval, Americans are beginning to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel. While infection rates are not yet stable in the U.S., hospitalizations remain on the decline, and the vaccine is now available to everyone. A return to something close to normal life feels tantalizingly close.

For the one in every seven tenants in the U.S. currently behind on rent, however, the end of COVID could mean eviction. Marginalized tenants are especially at risk — one in five Black tenants, Latino tenants and tenants with children currently owe back rent.

“We have projections of 500,000 people living on the streets of L.A. if nothing is done to curb these evictions,” Trinidad Ruiz of the L.A. Tenants Union says — a catastrophic increase from the estimated 40,000 people currently without housing in the Los Angeles area. Without assistance, over 10 million people nationwide could find themselves without housing when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium ends on June 30.

Laura Jedeed is a freelance journalist based in Portland, Oregon, where she provides live coverage of Black Lives Matter protests and far right rallies. Her work has appeared in Willamette Week and Portland Monthly Magazine, and her footage has appeared in Newsweek, The Hill, ABC and more. Follow her on Twitter: @LauraJedeed.

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