The Mother of Spain

I have grown up and live in Ireland but Spain is my mother’s country.

The harmful and dangerous rise in polarization of Spain’s people against the region of Catalan, is being most duplicitously and deliberately provoked, as an energizing exploitable crisis, by the failing minority rule of the ‘Popular Party’ Spain’s central government. The P.P’s are the torchbearers of Franco’s divided fascist Spain.

The PP’s seem outrageously and arrogantly inept, but are working a deliberate strategy. Twice they have lost a ruling majority, they see provoking Catalan and polarizing the attention of all Spain, as a way to gain back their dwindling conservative support, they’ve been losing the people’s support because of all the many mounting court cases and scandals against PP politicians for crime and corruption as well as their fundamental hopeless economic failure and injustice.

The PP’s hope must be, that their decline and people’s rising support for Podemos & the half of PSOE that would work with Podemos, will now become irelevant compared to this new sensational drama set on the nation’s zeitgeist stage ‘The Battle for the Unity of Spain’. Never mind that unity must be by consent to actually truly work well and prosper. The PP are desperate and this is their ‘means to an end’ of political survival, whatever comes next.

But the PP cant terrorize Catalan like Franco did. Though they may be careless enough to try, hoping to gain back validity and support, through provoking and exacerbating a crisis of identity, returning in Spain a strong conservative sense that always fears change. But I hope they will be seen thru’ and judged justly as the worse culprit for their duplicity in this. I also hope a Spain of cultural variety, with a better revelation of all the voices in its history and regional identities, can continue to work as friends, strong together in our hearts and to find and vote freely for whatever fair and satisfactory relationships we wish to work by.

So, I hope people are not inflamed and lost from each other, into blind caricatures, supporting various blunt rancorous dramas of identity over substance. That we can instead stay on a growing course, in local and national elections, to find the truly vital practical social progress we all need, of full healthcare, homes, education and investment in peoples ideas and opportunity with equality, justice and equity. Not an opportunistic masquerade of politicians wrapped in empty flags.

We need an end to the mistake of public austerity.

The wealth for necessary public funding, can be fairly gained, through increases in shy corporate tax and wages. This can only be obliged by collective agreements not this retreat into polarized ostrich nationalism’s. Corporate ‘global supply chains’ have usurped the effective power of our nation’s, compelling us down this doomed international race against each other, down to the bottom of a voiceless corporate pit. Only by raising globally agreed minimum tax and wage levels, that corporations can not escape and avoid by switching countries, can we effectively coral them on earth, into finally paying their fair and obligatory share, back into our society. With this influx of money we can create a future born of our best potentials, informed and led by what we each need and find we want to share through our passing life. This will only be possible to realise, within a much better facilitation of participating voices into our democratic organisations, on Local, Europe & World wide. We must not retreat, we must unite all together to agree and secure the sustainable better future for life on earth.

The disgraceful violence of central police against the Catalan referendum will obviously not persuade their democracy. But it is this exploitable chaotic energy of polarization, that is indeed the corrupt PP way to gain their fresh majority, They have never sought persuasion and democracy, they are Franco’s civil war party. Fascist saluting violent thugs in Valencia attack pro independence demonstrators and Muslim citizens, but central nationalists only want to talk about injuries to police.

My Mum and Dad are just back from Madrid, there they found a completely silent demonstration, by the general post office that connects people, asking for dialogue, all without flags just in white. But when they tried cross thru’ the city they met a roaring protest of Spanish flag wavers, its a beautiful flag but not as a symbol of dominance, my mum described them as fascists. She was born during the bombing of Madrid by Franco and grew up under the dumb foot of his Spain, so she should know.

Spain, is my Mother’s country and has long been divided not united by the Franco legacy’s of violence and corruption. I hope that obnoxious polarization is not the future, I hope the cross regional growth of Podemos continues, I hope the half of PSOE that believes in real socialism and would naturally work with Podemos, wins the internal struggle within their party against the fake. I hope PP is voted out for this harm, that a new majority of Spanish voters will, like the story of wise Solomon, decide that the one who would kill the child to keep it, could not be its mother.

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