The Need to Systematic Idea Collection and Decision Making.

  When all your life you watch, read and listen to arguments it is very easy to attribute some value to them. Nothing can be further from the truth. All views people carry inside their heads , the good and the bad for us are the result of ongoing internal thought processes producing, like in your own case, solid mental convocations and all we can do is to hope is all for the better.


Two thousand years of arguments didn’t stop all the wars and misery between and if we don’t stop convincing one another and start to build a decision stricture to make evolutionary decisions, the masters of eternal disaster will have eternal upper hand.


Today there is no institution for collecting peoples ideas, just taxes, and this appeal is to everyone to publish here on Zspace your own ideas on how we can make the bigger progress in communicating our will with the list effort needed for the task. All roads lead to Rome, so no matter how many people are calculating 2 and 2, all will always arrive on the same spot.

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