The Triumph of the Ridiculous

In the ZNet Commentary "Anno Domini 2012: One More Year Of Ridicule and of Hate", of March 17, 2012, it was mentioned that: "March 25th is the '4th of July' for the Greeks … [there is a] possibility of having half a million Greeks greeting the members of the [Greek] government at Syntagma Square with a collective 'moutza' [insult] as they are standing on their elevated platform during the 'March 25th' parade … A provocation during the parade, preferably a bloody one, could be a cause for postponing the [upcoming] elections or for worse developments in Greece."


Leni Riefenstahl, was a rather pretty lady and a film maker, who served as a "tool" of propaganda for Hitler. In 1935 she filmed Hitler's infamous Nuremberg Rally, which she named "Triumph des Willens" ["Triumph of the Will"]. The German word Willens [pronounced: vi' lens, exactly as the English word "villains"] is the [rare] genitive of the German noun "der Wille" [the will].


Did Riefenstahl know that her Nazi friends were "villains"? Of course she did? Did the Nazi "villains" triumph? Excepting some problematic individuals like Hitler, Himmler, and Goering, who committed suicide, a great number of the Nazis (top and low) "triumphed", thanks to the US elites; Werner von Braun is a "glorious" case, Heinz Alfred Kissinger's mentor in the US government was a top Nazi, etc. Riefenstahl, herself, did quite well. After her denazification, she went on working as an "artistic" photographer of … negroes, etc. On the jacket of her book "The Last of the Nuba", published by the US company Harper & Row in 1973, she offers the world 12 pictures of herself from 1927 to 1973. Excepting the pictures after 1965, when she was smiling, because, by now, she was again a member of the dignified West, the only pictures that she is caught smiling are those of 1936; the apogee of the Nazi era. 


Had Riefenstahl been alive today she would have been the right person to film the "Triumph of the Ridiculous": the "March 25th" national holiday parade, for 2012, in Athens, Greece. 


The Greek governing elites for two weeks, in a panicky state, were planning their reaction to a possible protest (mostly through insults) against them by the Greek population at Syntagma Square, the traditional site for the parade.


This is the result of their consultation:


– They positioned snipers [!!!] on the roof of the Parliament building, just above the elevated platform that the officials stand during the parade.


– They forbade the presence of ordinary Greeks in the wider area of the parade at about a distance of 3 to 4 blocks around the Syntagma Square, by using about 4,000 policemen.


– They applied preemptive detaining of civilians, whom the police found to be "aesthetically" suspect. They detained around 300 persons in Athens.


– They shortened the duration of the parade, which normally used to last for a couple of hours, to 35 minutes.


– They vetted the few persons, mostly retired military, that were allowed to stand at the sidewalk opposite the officials. 


So, the governing elites of Greece had the pleasure of having a military parade, in Athens, all to themselves, while the Greek population was absent. A joke, which, nevertheless, was taken very seriously by these elites, who became the laughing-stock of the Greek population.


Why was the Greek population absent?


For some the "introduction" of snipers in the events taking place in Syntagma Square for the last couple of years, was something that could not be ignored. Kids may like parades, but some parents wisely kept the kids at home.


For the mass of the very angry people of Athens, this absence and this silence proved that their maturity is considerable. By ignoring the parade fiesta and by avoiding to give a chance to the rulers to exploit a possible provocation to their favor, the ordinary people protected themselves and in the meantime made the ridicule for the rulers more loud.


"The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voice you are throttling today."


Addressing the martyrs of Haymarket at the Waldheim cemetery in Chicago, we can assure them that they were right. Syntagma Square, Tahrir Square, Tunisia, Wisconsin, Occupying, and more, and more, prove that they cannot throttle the voice of humanity.


Back to Athens: One additional factor for the restraint of the people of Athens was that the upcoming parliamentary elections, in about four weeks (early May), are pivotal for the Greeks. A postponement, or even a cancellation, of the elections, which is the aim of the US, the Germans, and the IMF, will be a very bad development for the Greeks.


In other Greek towns, smaller than Athens, in Salonika, in Patras, in Crete, and others there were some loud insults against the governing politicians, but the "battle" was given in Athens and the people was victorious.


How about the governing politicians, after the "March 25th" events in Athens? Did they feel any shame? Of course not. Yet, is it shamelessness or is it a cynic and servile obedience to the dictates of the US, the EU, the IMF and other benevolent institutions of that kind?


The answer: servility presupposes shamelessness. 


Suppressing anger for a moment and observing these people with a calm and cool gaze, one is bound to discover the "childishness" of all these "leaders"; W. Bush, Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, the Greek governing elites, the Pope, etc, etc. Yet, their childishness is dangerous and leads to criminal behavior.


Will this ridiculous childishness of these elites and of the economic deviates that control them prevail and be triumphant?


I hope not in Greece. A test of this will be the parliamentary elections in early May of 2012. 


The situation in Greece is reaching the limits of rational patience. This drama must end.


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