Theology of Race

If  God is Light, as the good book says,

And  Satan the Prince of Darkness be,

Then is the seed of racism

Buried deeper than we see?


And in Eastern parts sun-worshippers

Play to a similar theme;

The Brahmin is tejaswi (radiant),

The others need a lot of cream.


In other places they speak of  “Noor”

As euphemism for God;

Yet again the darker ones

Seem candidates for the rod.


How else may we interpret

These existent texts?

I flounder in ignorance,

I  am befuddled, I am vexed.


Might the hour be ripe for revelation

As confusion wrecks our days?

Black Holes, they say, in the firmament,

Suck  in the brightest rays.


If God created black and white

With equal love and passion,

As He did the lamb and lion,

Then why the discrimination?

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