Thousands of Women Take Over Supreme Court Steps

WASHINGTON —  Just moments after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, Women’s March Co-President Bob Bland and Senior Advisor Winnie Wong led one last peaceful protest against the newly appointed Justice and assaulter.

Leading a group of over one thousand of women, survivors, and allies — some of whom climbed the statues — the group raised their fists in the air, locked arms, sung “We Shall Overcome,” and chanted “We believe her,” black lives matter,” and “November is coming.” Four women were arrested, but Capitol police allowed most people to stay because their numbers were so great.


Women’s March Co-President Bob Bland released the following statement:

“As a mother and a survivor, I will not stop organizing or resisting until we achieve full equality. Brett Kavanaugh is an abuser, and his confirmation is an affront to women across America, to communities of color, and to all of us. The energy outside of the Supreme Court tonight — where thousands of women from across the country gathered — is electric. We are ready to take this fight from the steps of the Capitol, to the steps of the Supreme Court, to the polls.

“Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment is an embarrassment for our nation, and it undermines our Democracy. But this isn’t over: today we protested, in November we vote, and in January we will march on Washington with a wave of newly elected women.”

Tens of thousands of people protested throughout one of the most controversial Supreme Court confirmation processes in recent memory. Nearly 800 Women’s March and Center for Popular Democracy Action members were arrested in peaceful protests over the last three weeks, including hundreds Saturday as the vote was underway, all capped off by today’s sit-ins.

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Women’s March harnesses the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.

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