Top Ten Climate Change Threats being ignored by your Television News

Since many mainstream media outlets in the US are burying the dramatic climate change stories from all around the world, either by not reporting them or by reporting incidents with no context, it is important for the progressive alternative press to keep this subject in the public eye.

1. Many observers believe climate change is behind the early start of the bushfire season in Australia’s New South Wales and its many conflagrations (there are 80 fires as I speak and hundreds of homes have been lost). This, at a time when the incoming conservative government plans to abolish the carbon tax and scale back government commitment to green energy.

Aljazeera International reports on the unprecedented threat of the fires to homes in New South Wales:


2. Rising temperatures and other effects of climate change are expected to take 10 percent off the Egyptian gross domestic product by 2050. Agriculture will be hurt, as will tourism. Egypt is also especially vulnerable to rising seas since the Nile Delta is barely above sea level.

3. A new scientific study says that climate change will have a major impact on the oceans over the next decades. It warns:”by the year 2100, about 98 percent of the oceans will be affected by acidification, warming temperatures, low oxygen or lack of biological productivity.”

4. North American forests will face an increased negative impact from insect infestations and disease as the world warms over the next century.

5. Lake Superior of the Great Lakes is warming faster than the other great lakes. Warming means that the Lakes have an ice cover less of the year. The ice sheets reflect more sunlight back into space, so their decline contributes further to warming. Fish species are also being displaced.

6. Climate change will provoke more droughts and changing rainfall patterns in coming years and likely will deprive a billion human beings of sufficient water, according to German scientists. 

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