Tramore Community Radio

 Tramore Community Radio: Mission statement

Tramore Community Radio (TCR) is a community radio station serving the people of Tramore.
A non-profit entity with the express purpose and ethos of informing and engaging the people of Tramore while simultaneously strengthening the sense of community amongst the people of Tramore.
TCR highlights local community groups’ work, informing people of activities taking place in the town.

TCR draws on, harnesses and creates an awareness of the talents and resources available from amongst the population of Tramore.  It shall develop programming that builds a stronger and more cohesive community.
TCR is democratically controlled by voluntary members drawn from the local community at large.
TCR represents the broad demographic groups in the town.
TCR brings in members of the local community and trains them appropriately in order that they may be able to participate actively in programming, production, and presentation.

Bullet points of intended future station achievements

·                                 Non-profit democratic control

·                                 Community run, broad community participation.  Local groups involved and their activities publicised and (actively) promoted

·                                 Community owned

·                                 Community-led programming

·                                 Informing people about events in Tramore

·                                 Entertaining and educating the people of Tramore

·                                 Professionally trained local staff

·                                 Professionally administered organisation

·                                 Sustainable operations on day-to day basis

·                                 Ongoing and ever more engagement with community groups

·         Fostering and developing a greater sense of community in Tramore

·         Clear definition of the community to be served

The people of Tramore

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