Translation of Fanfare – Italy

Dear friends,

Znetitaly.org, an Italian IOPS collective primarily focusing on translating into Italian texts published by Znet/Zcommunications , has started the translation into Italian of volume 1, Occupy – Theory, of the Trilogy Fanfare for the Future.

The project is approved by the authors, Michael Albert and Mandisi Majavu and will materialize in the publication of the free Italian version of the book online. A possible printed version of the book has also been considered. We also feel this project might be a first step toward the establishmet of a cooperative partecipative publishing company in the future. 

We have asked Italian member of IOPS and others Italian readers of Znetitaly to support the project by cooperating to the translation. The more of them who will join to the effort the quicker the book will be put on line. At present the Introduction and Chapter One and Two have alreay been posted.

We are quite sure individuals and groups in other countries have already considered a similar project. Our testimony here is only aimed at encouraging our friends abroad: they are not alone, the work can be done and we feel it is worth the effort.

In solidarity,


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