Trump’s Cynical Attack

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  1. Ozren Vojvodic April 8, 2017 4:48 pm 

    While author is correct in assertions that US military attack on sovereign country of Syria is illegal (moreover it is an act of aggression, constituting a war crime) and that the attack has nothing to do with concern for the civilian victims, he goes on to repeat disproved fantasies of MSM propaganda about 2013 East Ghouta attacks (check e.g. MIT/Postol, Seymour Hersh for disproval) and gives credence to current propaganda about chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun (actually asserts it as a fact) while there is zero evidence available and no investigation carried out (with currently only Assad and Russia calling for actual investigation). Simple logic, although it’s not a proof in itself, says that Assad regime had nothing to gain from chemical attacks on civilians and had everything to lose, especially in situation in which it has the upper hand.
    The overall tone of the article lends an air of legitimacy to US aggression even if not intended. That is the sad reality of mainstream western Left today and one of the reasons for its unstoppable drive to irrelevance. There’s a logic to what author suggests as Trump’s reason for the attack – to distance himself from ridiculous accusations of being a Putin puppet, although that is just a footnote in overall imperial agenda that is the main driver behind such events. But, sadly, very similar logic applies to the author and the “mainstream Left” – irresistible urge to distance itself from official US enemies, Hitlers de jour, to avoid been accused as apologists. This goes as far as accepting most of the imperial propaganda with minor dissenting points serving as a decoration. This won’t drive a stake in the Empire’s heart, it won’t even scratch its skin. Most it can do is preserve the myth of the freedom of speech.

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