Trump’s Reelection Strategies Are Killing a Massive Number of People

Source: Truthout

Graphic by doddis77/Shutterstock.com


Let us assume, for the sake of discussion, that there will be a presidential election in 159 days as scheduled. This assumption, given the extent of the COVID pandemic combined with comprehensive Republican resistance to the very notion of voting, requires a leap of faith that would challenge even the vast talents of Simone Biles.

Bear with me, though, because there is at least one person in the U.S. who believes there will be an election in November, and the thought of it appears to have him scared spitless. That person is Donald J. Trump, and he has ample reason for concern.

Despite numerous attempts by the Trump campaign to frame his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, as a mentally muddled “deep state” China operative who caused COVID with the help of Barack Obama after singlehandedly corrupting the entire nation of Ukraine, voters do not appear to be taking the bait.

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