Voices of Concern for the Treatment of International Political Prisoners

Press Release
May 19, 2010

Today, May 19, the following Open Letter has been sent to the honorable Kenneth Clarke, Lord High Chancellor, United Kingdom.

It expresses the genuine indignation of over a hundred citizens of various countries who signed it within a mere 48 hours. [1]





Voices of Concern for the Treatment of International Political Prisoners

As of May 19, 2010, over 100 persons from several countries have signed the following petition:


The vicious May 7 attack on General Radislav Krstic in Wakefield Prison (U.K.) is a dramatic illustration of the failure to ensure the safety of the prisoners of international tribunals.

A Serb native of Bosnia, General Krstic was sentenced to 35 years in prison by the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for complicity in 1995 Srebrenica massacres, although it is acknowledged that he was not directly involved in criminal executions. General Krstic repeatedly denied any knowledge of the massacres at the time, and his sentence is regarded as excessive and politically motivated by many informed observers who believe the case should be reopened.

On May 7, General Krstic was physically assaulted by three inmates identified as "Muslims." A 22-year-old ethnic Albanian named Indrit Krasniqi is reported to have slit the throat of General Krstic, narrowly missing the jugular.

Krasniqi was serving a life sentence under British law for the gang torture and murder of a 16-year-old girl. Wakefield Prison, in the north of England, is reserved especially for criminals serving long sentences for grave sex offenses.

We find it highly irresponsible of British authorities to incarcerate General Krstic, essentially a prisoner of war, in such an environment. Now 62 years old, General Krstic is disabled, having lost a leg in the Bosnian war. There is an obvious risk in imprisoning a Bosnian Serb accused of grave crimes against Muslims in a region of England with a particularly large Muslim population. The claim that the attack was motivated by "Muslim revenge" serves as a smokescreen to cover the responsibility of British authorities.

The near-fatal attack on General Krstic comes in the wake of an extraordinary series of deaths of prisoners held by the International Criminal Tribunals for former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda.

We, the undersigned, demand:

·         An official inquiry into the May 7 incident.

·         The immediate transfer of General Krstic to a country able to ensure his personal safety, for example to Norway, or to Serbia as requested by Belgrade authorities.

·         An end to the indifference of governments, human rights organizations and the media to the fate of prisoners of ad hoc criminal tribunals, often exaggeratedly stigmatized by the media and without the benefits of the protection afforded by judicial process in normal national courts.



Samir Amin
Author, Director of the Third World Forum
Dakar, Senegal


Dragomir Andjelkovic

Belgrade, Serbia


Miroslav Antic
Nuclear Operator
Toronto, Canada

Dr. Patrick Barriot, MD
Colonel (CR), Former Blue Helmet in ex-Yugoslavia


Ariana Beatty
London, United Kingdom

Zeljko Bibic
(British Citizen)
Fairfax, VA  United States

David Binder
Retired Newspaperman
Evanston, Illinois

Ambassador James Bissett
Ottawa, Canada

Christopher Black
Barrister, International Criminal Lawyer
Lead Counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Jeffrey Blankfort
Journalist, Radio Producer
Ukiah, CA  United States

William Blum


Washington, DC  United States

George Bogdanich
Writer and Documentary Filmmaker
New York, NY  United States


Boba Borojevic
Director – Producer, "Monday’s Encounter" Radio Program

Ottawa, Canada


Vincenzo Brandi
Rome, Italy


Barbara P. Bresler
Bridgeport, CT  United States


Jean Bricmont
Brussels, Belgium


Vladimir Caller
Peruvian Journalist


Mick Collins
Editor, Cirque Minime
Paris, France


Louis Dalmas

Editor, B.I. Magazine

Paris, France


Olga Daric
Professor of Modern Languages
Paris, France

Dusan Djordjevich
Technical Writer
San Mateo, California
(U.S. Native)

Biljana Djorovic
Belgrade, Serbia

Djordje Djorovic
Student (School of Medicine)
Belgrade, Serbia

Miodrag Dordevic
Retired Engineer
Verrieres, France 

Zvonimir Dorovic
Graduate Electrical Engineer
Belgrade, Serbia

Dusan Dragic
Hartsdale, NY  United States

Richard B. Du Boff
Economic Historian and Writer
Rhinebeck, NY  United States

Françoise Dufour
Retired Teacher
Paris, France


Martine Duplaine
Paris, France

Prof. Peter Erlinder
William Mitchell College of Law
Lead Counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
United States


Vesna Farnden
Real Estate Agent

Edmonton, Alberta  Canada

Sara Flounders
Co-Director, International Action Center
New York, NY  United States

Jane Franklin
United States

Wade Frazier

Bothell, WA  United States

Darlene Gakovich
Madison, WI  United States


Antonio Ginetti

Pistoia, Italy

Andrej Glisic
Journalist and Economist
Retired Yugoslavia National Army Officer
Pancevo, Serbia

Ilija Glisic
Manager in the Telecommunications Industry
Sydney, Australia


Joachim Guilliard
Journalist, Forum against Militarism and War
Heidelberg, Germany


Dr. Jelena Guskova
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Head of the Research Centre for Contemporary Balkan Crises,
Slavic Department at the Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia


Dr. Philip Hammond

London South Bank University

London, United Kingdom

Klaus Hartmann
Vice President of World Union of Freethinkers
Offenback am Main, Germany

Ralph Hartmann
Author, Former East German Ambassador to Yugoslavia
Berlin, Germany


Edward S. Herman

Professor Emeritus of Finance
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA  United States

Marc W. Herold
Deptartment of Economics
University of New Hampshire
Durham, N.H.  United States

Frances G. Hoenigswald
Invoice Clerk, Biddle Law Library
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Philadelphia, PA  United States 

Mirko Ivancevic
Valley Village, CA, United States
(Canadian Citizen)

Ms. N. Jakovac


Toronto, Ontario  Canada

Finn S. Jensen
Odense, Denmark

Branka Josilo-Perry

Gordana Jovanovic
Professor of Psychology
Belgrade, Serbia

Nebojša Jovanovic
Bor, Serbia

Diana Johnstone
Journalist, Author
Paris, France


Slavoljub Kacarevic
Belgrade, Serbia

Hans-Joachim Kahlke
Heidelberg, Germany

Harald Kampffmeyer
Berlin, Germany

Stefan Karganovic
President, Srebrenica Historical Project


June Kelly-Mullingar
County Westmeath,  Ireland


Mara Kneževic Kern
Journalist and Writer
Beograd, Serbia


Jugoslav Kiprijanovic
Editor, Pravoslavlje (The official Magazine of Serbian Orthodox Church)
The Serbian Patriarchy
Belgrade, Serbia

Prof. Dr. Hans Köchler
University of Innsbruck

President, International Progress Organization
Vienna, Austria


Dragoslava Koprivica

Father Milun Kostic
Serbian Orthodox Priest

London, United Kingdom

Joel Kovel
Editor, Capitalism Nature Socialism
New York, NY  United States

Vladimir Krsljanin
Former Ambassador
Belgrade, Serbia

Beatrice Lacoste
Freelance Media Crisis Consultant

Dr. Donka Lange
Farstar Medical GmbH
Barsbüttel (bei Hamburg), Germany


Alessandro Lattanzio
Graphic Operator

Sicily, Italy


Stephen Lendman
Independent Journalist
Chicago, United States


Andrew Levine

University Professor
Denton, MD  United States


Godfred Louis-Jensen
Oktokerbevaegelsen, Denmark


Milanka Jevric
Ontario, Canada.


Dr. Giovanni Maccione
Bari, Italy

J.P. Maher

University Professor
Chicago, United States

Nebojsa Malic
Balkans Columnist, Antiwar.com
Washington, DC  United States

Bogdan Manojlovic 
Paris, France

Sarah Martin
Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)
International Committee
Minneapolis, MN  United States


David McReynolds
Former Chair of War Resisters International
Former Co-chair of the Socialist Party USA.

New York, NY  United States

Maya Milankovic-Atkinson

United Kingdom

Elizabeth Milanovich

Minja Milojkovic
Montreal, Canada


Radmila Nastic
University of Kragujevac

Miroslava Ness
Landenberg, PA  United States

Norman Ness
Professor Emeritus, University of Delaware
Newark, DE  united States


Ljiljana Nikolic

Mihajlo Nikolic

Miodrag Nikolic
Slobodanka Nikolic

Canoga Park, CA  United States 

Jan Oberg, PhD
Peace and Future Researcher

Director, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research

Lund, Sweden

Audun Øfsti
Professor Emeritus, Philosophy
NTNU, Trondheim, Norway


Dimitri Oram
Writer and Researcher
Northampton, MA  United States


Thalia Pandiri
Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature
Smith College
Editor-in-Chief, Metamorphoses
Northampton, MA  United States

Michael Parenti, Ph.D.
Author, Lecturer
Berkeley, California  United States


Andrej Pavlovic
Belgrade, Serbia

Dragan Pavlovic, MD
Research Director
Paris, France

Drago Pejatovic
Washington D.C.  United States

Rev. Fr. Miodrag Peric
Dean of St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church
Sydney, NSW,  Australia

David Peterson
Writer and Researcher
Chicago, United States

Prof. Dr. Natasa Petronijevic
Institute of Biochemistry
School of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Bob Petrovich

Marie-Françoise Philippart 
Seine Saint Denis, France

Peter Phillips
Professor Sociology, Sonoma State University
Citizen living in Northern California, United States

Rostislav V. Polchaninoff
Writer (Retired)
New Hyde Park, NY  United States

Anna J. Pullinger
Executive Assistant
Walnut Creek, CA  United States

Doris Pumphrey
Berlin, Germany

George Pumphrey
Berlin, Germany

Marija Radmanovic
Sports Massage Therapist and full time university student
Sydney, Australia

Dragomir Radojkovic
Professional Engineer
Toronto, Ontario  Canada 

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Richter
President of the European Peace Forum
Chairman of the Association for the Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity
Berlin, Germany

Robert Rodvik
Researcher in Political Studies
Gibsons, BC  Canada

Rick Rozoff
Chicago, United States

Rainer Rupp
Saarburg, Germany

Mirjana Sasich
Retired Teacher
Milwaukee, WI  United States

Dr. Michael Schiffmann
Linguistics and Cultural Studies in the English Department
University of Heidelberg, Germany

Cathrin Schütz
Political Scientist, Journalist

Ljiljana Bogoeva Sedlar
Belgrade, Serbia

Michael Allan Slaughter
Pacifica, CA  United States

Lee W. Smith
Security Consultant (Retired)
Red Cliff, Colorado  United States

Michael Steven Smith
Co-host, "Law and Disorder" Radio Show, WBAI
Board of Directors, Center for Constitutional Rights
United States

Nikola Stojiljkovic
Vranje, Serbia

Eckart Spoo
Berlin, Germany

Zorica Surla
Bad Soden, Germany

Tony Sutton
Editor, ColdType
Georgetown, Ontario  Canada

George Szamuely
New York, NY  United States

Srdja Tatic
Graphic Designer
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Mark Lewis Taylor
Professor, Religion and Society
Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, NJ  United States

Phil Taylor
Broadcaster, "The Taylor Report," CIUT
Toronto, Canada

Nadja Tešich  
Writer, Filmmaker
New York, NY  United States

Taki Theodoracopulos
123 East 71st Street

New York, NY  United States

Angie Tibbs

Gorica Trkulja
Prokuplje, Serbia

Prof. Dr. Velko Valkanov
Chairman of the Bulgarian Peace Council

Jacques Vergès
Paris, France

Enrico Vigna
Speaker for Belgrade Forum Italy
President of SOS Yugoslavia – SOS Kosovo Metohija Solidarity Association

Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti
Milan, Italy


Vera Vratuša
Sociology Professor
Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Friedrich Wolff
Wandlitz, Germany


Mihail Yambaev
Ph.D. in History
Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences


Jane Zahn
Heidelberg, Germany


Nikola Zivkovic
Berlin, Germany



[1] As of Thursday, May 27, 2010, a total of 140 citizens of various countries had added their signatures to this Open Letter. — The complete list through May 27 appears above.




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