What Crises?

Anybody who knows anything about history of capitalism also knows that the situation described by media as crises is just the capitalist’s natural state. The question rather is; how come the illusion of possibility for working people persisted for so long? Again, anybody who closely observed the cause and effect  of global economic situation  see the long gone Soviet Union as a main factor.


We know there would be no moon landing or NASA if there threat of global domination was not there. Soviets’ packing their labor into free high rise apartments, giving peasants free science degrees, free and competent medical system  keeping patients for weeks in bed after just minor operations, free vacation for kids and recreation clubs of hundreds and one hobbies. To understand  why this is over one must know it was the system, not the politburo responsible for the progress.


Politburo pushed the other way. Limitation on free expression, on free travel, on telephone communication, on amount of cash on disposal and on top of it their own ambitions of privatizing everything for themselves. 

That last tendency which took ‘significant reality’ behind Gorbachev’s back  in Regan era, gave America new opportunity described by father Bush as new world order. 


American political and economic class hooked themselves to "returns on foreign investment band wagon". The job export started. Everything works for them and nobody even contemplate to deal with jobs, production, living standard and other domestic necessities.  Heath care. $10 000 X 150 000 000 people a year isn’t enough to hire doctors to do the job. The human atrocities due to massive poverty within American borders are not the issues either.  Left and right spectrum of media have their own comfort zones. The living hardship brings people’s attention to non-commercial media  and the salesman’s need to advertise what’s on sale keep the commercial one on their feet.


 Only the people themselves lacking the minimum coordination to have anything going for them on their own. 

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