Who are the barbarians on our homeland?


Who are the barbarians on our homeland?

Consultation on the theme and concept note


Dear Comrade,




Jharkhandi people have been fighting the violence of our colonisers for centuries. As this violence has accelerated in the past year concerned individual and organisation in Jharkhand (as well as out of Jharkhand) are fighting back using all available democratic instruments to expose these human rights violence. This important work of resistance has to continue. However for some time there has been a feeling in Jharkhand that we also need to sit together and arrive at a common understanding of the roots of the issue of killings and violence on our people and see it within a historical perspective.


You would have received our early announcement of a National Campaign & Consultation 2010 Jharkhand: Who are the barbarians on our homeland? that we had planned in the first week of June at Ranchi Jharkhand. Due to our inability to get sufficient financial support for the planned programme we have had to make some changes in the programme and adjust it according to the funding we have received.


The present plan is to conduct the above programme in two parts:


*      The first part will be a consultation amongst victims, survivors, activists, intellectuals and concerned supporters of Greater Jharkhand on the violence and killing affecting us all. The consultation will be from the 7th June to the noon of 9th June. The programme will be held at Bagaicha ATI Namkom Ranchi.


*      The second phase will be announced later.



Bindrai Institute for Research Study & Action B.I.R.S.A. with the support of Delhi Forum is pleased to organise this consultation. In order that we all can have at a substantive discussion we need you and your organisations presence and participation. Let us all put our heads together and come to some common understanding in order that we develop an effective response to this onslaught.


For those coming from out of Ranchi accommodation has also been arranged at Bagaicha.




Vijayan MJ


Delhi Forum

Adv. Chandrabushan Deogam

Executive Director



Contact email for Coordinator, NC 2010 Jharkhand: stopkillingusjkd@gmail.com

Mobile: +91-8084537047 (Mr. Gopi)

Text Box: A note on our theme:
Who are the barbarians on our homeland?
A mayhem of continuous consistent, and spiraling brutal killings targeted on us Adivasi/Dalit and other subaltern communities of Greater Jharkhand has been our history
Our homeland is an amphitheater of slaughter and an arena where a malaise of derogative and disrespectful opinions, notions, plans and human hunting expeditions are being announced or organised and conducted against us by the powerful in this country
We demand that we be heard and therefore are planning this National Conference in our homeland 


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