Wrong Side of the Tracks

One cannot but praise journalists for their professionalism. By means of a few words they can inform the reader about the basics of their reporting. The basics: The heading of their article that summarizes its content, the place where the reported events took place, and their own name, as a hint about the quality of the article.   

Here is an example taken from the October 3, 2013 issue of the International Herald Tribune:


Heading: "Greek neo-fascists may be hard to rein in". 


Name of journalist: LIZ ALDERMAN 

The present article will deal with the, rather secondary in importance, second item of the list: the "Place", NIKAIA GREECE 



In the flat plain in which Athens is situated there are a few low, hill-like, limestone outcrops. One of them is the Acropolis. The house in which I was born and raised, was on the top of one of these outcrops. Thus, from there one could have a panoramic view of the entire city of Athens. At the age of 11 (in 1941) when standing in front of my house on my left I could see the Acropolis and the huge Nazi flag, at the left edge of the Acropolis. Straight ahead, I could locate the right-of-way of the railroad connecting Athens to Salonica and see the trains moving on it. 

Following the "universal" practice of all civilized peoples, the Greeks of Athens embraced the morality of the "right side" and the "wrong side" of the railroad tracks. My parental house was on the "right side". At that time most of the houses of Athens consisted of only the ground floor and were situated on the "right side". What I could see on the "wrong side", an oblong part of the plain, was really beautiful. Most of that part of Athens was covered with vegetable farms with a scatter of cowsheds. The green carpet of the vegetable farms was quite impressive. On the left edge of the oblong green area there was a cluster of communities, covering about 1/5 of the "wrong side" area, where the poor and the very poor of Athens lived. 

At that time, in 1941, the dominant name of that area of the "wrong side" was "Kokkinia" [the accent is on the "a" at the end]. The word "kokkinos" means red, in Greek. So, "kokkinia" means "reddishness" or a "reddish place, etc". It is not certain how the name was coined in the late 19th century. One possibility could be the red clayish soil of the area or the red poppies growing in the fields of the area. Kokkinia is adjacent to Pireus, the port of Athens. Initially Kokkinia was sparsely populated by poor farm workers or other menial workers. Then, in 1922 a wave of destitute Greek refugees were allowed to have Kokkinia as a new home, because they were driven out of Turkey after the Greek army, as a proxy of the French, British, and other European elites, invaded Turkey and was defeated by the Turks. 

In September 1940, Metaxas, the then pro-Nazi dictator of Greece [imposed by the British (!) on the Greeks], changed the name of the community from Kokkinia to "Nikaia" [pronounced "nikea", accent on "i" and "e" as in "end"]. A few weeks later, in October 28 of 1940, Greece was attacked by the Italian Fascists of Mussolini. The Greeks resisted and the Fascists failed to conquer Greece. So, the Nazis took over. 

Now, the name "Nikaia" is arguably one of the most important names of Christianity, that even today affects the thinking and the lives of a certain kind of people from Utah to Rome, to Berlin, to Belfast, to Peoria, and so on and on. The name "Nikaia" in English is rendered as Nicaea, the place of the First Ecumenical Council of the Christians, 325 years after the birth of Christ. That council (of humans) decided that the "son" (Christ) equals the "father" (God); a rather strange biological conclusion. Also the Council recognized that the "servants" of the Almighty, the clergy, should not be celibate but should enjoy their carnal nature. Of course, the people of Athens continued to use the name Kokkinia and not Nikaia, for an additional reason, as explained below. 

By 1941, when the Nazis attacked and occupied Greece, Kokkinia had become a bastion of the Greek Left. So, the Greek Left found a ready-made name for their community: Kokkinia, the "reddish place". As a matter of fact it was called the "Little Moscow". As expected, Kokkinia became anathema to the Greek Rightists and later the Nazis. My estimate is that Metaxas, that brutal but pious Christian dictator, chose the name Nikaia for Kokkinia, because he thought that that way he will put an end to the "advertising" of their Leftism by the inhabitants of Kokkinia, through the name of their community.  

Then, on August 17 of 1944, the fourth year of the Nazi occupation of Athens, at 2:30 a.m. around 3,000 Nazis with their Greek collaborators encircled Kokkinia, separating it from the rest of Athens. Around 6:30 a.m. they ordered all males from 14 to 60 years old to go to the square of "Holy Xeni" ["xeni" means "foreign woman", in Greek. Hence "xenophobia" in English]. Any person that refused to obey or resisted was killed on the spot. About 25,000 boys and adults filled the square. Following their usual practice the Nazis brought to the square a group of hooded Greeks who moved in the crowd and pointed to the persons that should be executed. The persons "chosen" were led to the "mandra". 

Mandra (or "manthra" in refined classical Greek) is a wall built to enclose a space or property. At that time a mandra was built with locally available stone and the mortar consisted simply of the local soil mixed with water. It was usually about 6 feet high and 1.5 feet thick. The mandra at Kokkinia in 1944, enclosed the property of a …  British factory, "Oriental Carpet", built in 1929. Obviously the destitute Greek refugees provided really cheap labor. 

At the Kokkinia mandra was positioned a German executioner, a regular "Schwein", who mowed down all the Greeks brought to him, while drinking "ouzo", the Greek spirit so popular to Anglo-Saxon tourists, even today. 

The, mostly young, men executed at the "mandra at Kokkinia" were 74. The total number of Greeks killed that day, at Kokkinia by the German Nazis and their Greek collaborators, is estimated at 350. 

As the news of the massacre at Kokkinia reached my neighborhood, all I, a 14-year-old at the time, can remember is a strange taste in my mouth, surprise, fear, and the inevitable selfish feeling that I and my family were lucky. We were alive. 

Many centuries ago in a culture quite faraway from Greece, a word, similar to "mandra", the word "mantra", meant "sacred counsel".  Today the "mandra" at Kokinnia belongs to the sacred part of the Greek history. 

The Nazis left Athens only 56 days after the killing of all those young people at Kokkinia. As a matter of fact, that sunny morning, of October 12, 1944, that they were leaving, from the front of my house I could see a locomotive, pulling a single wagon, that moved northward on the railroad right-of way and at intervals of 3 to 4 hundred meters there was an explosion which destroyed the train rails, behind the locomotive. The hate permeating the mind of those Nazi perverts is unimaginable. They blew up the rails knowing that a few miles out of Athens the Greek Resistance fighters will catch them, and they will not be able to reach the frontier, quite a few hundred miles away, to leave Greece. In reality, they were the blond "suicide bombers" of that time, not the dark-skinned variety of later times. 

What the Nazis left behind, besides their hate, were their Nazi collaborators. Those monsters who, according to witnesses from all over Greece, were even more brutal than their Nazi "employers". Those monsters were not only never punished, but immediately found new and more 'civilized" employers; the "Great" Winston Churchill, the "lowly haberdasher" Harry Truman, and the "likable" Ike. They were turned by their new "employers" into instruments of controlling the Greek people. As a matter of fact, many of them were metamorphosed into the new Greek elites infiltrating the Greek justice system, the police, the banking system, etc, as crypto-Nazis. This has been going on for 69 years after the Nazis left Greece in 1944. 

That means there were almost three generations of progeny of those Nazis and crypto-Nazis. What kind of social behavior can one expect by the offspring of those terrible humans? An effort to answer that was made in the ZNet Commentary "The Relatives of the Aggressors", of September 2, 2002, which examines the attitudes of a number of the offspring of German Nazi criminals of the Second World War. 

At the "thugs" level of the Greek Nazi-collaborators, one might call them the "blue-collar" variety, it is possible to estimate more accurately the behavior of their offspring. A "blue-collar" Nazi-thug, in general, raises his child as a Nazi-thug. The physical attributes of a thug, the cultural background, etc of the parental Nazi-thug pass to the offspring. Of course, for the members of the "white-collar" variety of Nazi-thugs the same canon holds, but in a more selective way. For, at that level, there are more possibilities for the offspring to choose a way out of the Nazi manure. 

So, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the hard core of the Nazis in Greece, numbering no more than 70 thugs, are the offspring or relatives of the murderous Nazi thugs of the 1944 massacre at Kokkinia


Kokkinia in 2013 [sixty-nine years later] 

Today gone are the Green carpet of vegetable farms, the cows, and the modest houses of Kokkinia. The "wrong side" looks like a huge continuous concrete slab; the concrete roofs of 6-story apartment buildings. However, Kokkinia, a.k.a. NIKEA, is still a bastion of the Greek Left. For the last 40 years the Mayor of Kokkinia has been a Communist. 

Therefore, the employers of the Nazis today, as their predecessors, the Nazis of Hitler, focused their intervention especially on Kokkinia and established there their most active Nazi cell. Here are the latest two events in Kokkinia, already mentioned in this ZNet space in my article, "The Age of Tele-man", of October 19, 2013:


1. – "Nazis: A few days ago (on September 12, 2013) the Nazis attacked a team of 15 people who were pasting posters for a Festival of the Communist Youth of Greece [at "Perama"]. The group of Nazis, about 40 or 50 of them, bearing all kinds of clubs and crowbars, wounded 9 of the 15. The wooden clubs were "improved" with protruding nails. On the basis of the head-wounds with stitches shown on the TV-news and the testimony of wounded people, my estimate is that the Nazis were instructed not to hit people with the nails on the head but on body muscles, as there were cases with wounds that the nails penetrated up to 2 inches in the flesh. The people that plan the Nazi provocations have their own schedule." 


[Note added today: "Perama" is a community adjacent to "Kokkinia" with the same kind of population as "Kokkinia", only poorer.]


2. "– The Nazis killed a 34-year-old man of the Greek Left. The young man from a working-class family, besides working as a laborer was, also, a US-style "rapper" [if I use the term correctly] with the name of "Killah P" [Killer of the Past]. The killer was arrested by a policewoman. Her male colleagues, present at the scene, did not act. The killer and his wife [repeat: his wife] are Nazis."


The name of the murdered man is Pavlos Fyssas, a 34-year-old skilled laborer. Fyssas proved to be a proud man with an independent mind, with admirable dignity, compassion for his fellow humans and very brave. He did not belong to any political party. 

Commenting on the Greek hip-hop scene the closest friend of Pavlos Fyssas says: "Listen to his songs and you will come to know him." 

The hip-hop songs of Fyssas were expressed in the first person. Here are some examples:


"I shall not have tears in my eyes as I will not be intimidated

I will not allow them to steal my dreams"


"And I wait for more brothers to arrive

At this mountaintop that awaits us all"


"You ask me how am I doing. What can I say?

Glory to money, we have a God"


I, as a Greek, consider the mother and the father of Pavlos Fyssas to be a rare kind of people with immense dignity and self-control. Pavlos was not only their physical child but their moral statement to the world through his upbringing. 

To the parents of Pavlos: "Hold on!" 

To the young Greeks: Do not "allow them to steal [your] dreams".



Latest events in Greece



In the above mentioned Commentary, of September 12, there is the following phrase:


"Also, there is a rather queer development. For the first time most Greeks became aware of a person by the name of Chrysanthos Lazaridis, the right-hand of the … Prime Minister of Greece."


Finally we have seen the light about Chrysanthos Lizaridis. 

Lazaridis was born in New York. As a 19-year-old euro-communist student he took part in the (historic) student uprising against the 1967-1974 military dictatorship in Greece, as a member of the Student Coordinating Committee. He was arrested and tortured by the Greek military. 

After 1980 he studied in the London School of Economics, in the City University of New York, etc. His political credo after all that highfalutin education: What Thatcher and the "Great Communicator" [a.k.a. Ronnie Reagan] were saying was full of meaning, much more than what most of the Leftists utter. Today Lazaridis is one of the ultra rightist "confidants" of Samaras, the man on the saddle of the Greek government, also Known as Prime Minister of Greece. 

By the way, the term "eurocommunist" was concocted by the CIA. Also, we should not ignore the very important fact that the Christian name of Lazaridis, "Chrysanthos", is a Greek name, which means the "golden" [Chrys-] "flower" [anthos]. Unfortunately history is replete with this kind of "flowers". I wonder if the torturers of Lazaridis were successful in bringing about this horticultural mutation. 

Finally, his arguments, on TV, to prove that the equation "Nazis equals SYRIZA [the Greek Left]" is a mathematical identity, were not very bright, considering his labors in assorted universities. 

Besides Lazaridis there are other "confidants" of Samaras. An interesting case is that of a man called Failos [!] Kranidiotis, who was present at the abduction in Africa of Ocalan, the Kurdish leader.   

To their credit these confidants are not crypto-Rightists, they are overt ones, and witting, to use a specialized term.



– Gypsies 

The case of the little blond and blue-eyed Maria found in a Gypsy family in Greece is quite instructive. They tell us that the entire planet is upside down because of the drama of the little blond "angel". Would it be the same if the little girl was dark-skinned? Of course not. Here is why: To prepare for the Olympics of 2004 in Athens the Greek government and the wife of a millionaire ship-owner who (the lady) was organizing the Olympic fiesta, decided to hide from the eyes of the foreign visitors to the games the children begging at traffic lights. So they hid the children into a foundation they created and named "Saint Barbara" [No kin!]. So, in 2004, 502 (repeat: 502) children, mostly children of Albanian gypsies, disappeared (repeat: disappeared). In May 2012, the United Nations took up the case. No human can think that selling of humans organs is involved in the case. Obviously, as gypsy children they were dark-skinned with dark eyes.


– Nazis: 

* There is this Greek psychiatrist who is a Nazi and who helped his fellow Nazis to get a license to carry a gun, or helped to postpone repeatedly the trial of a Nazi lady, for reasons of health, who had attacked an immigrant with a knife.


* There is a wave of mostly young Greek males who are rushing to tattoo parlors (or however these establishments are called) to erase the swastikas and other Nazi symbols with which they had decorated their arms, chests, etc.


–  European Left 

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of SYRIZA, the radical Greek Left party, will be the candidate, chosen by the Party of the European Left, for the presidency of the European Commission, at the upcoming European Elections of 2014. The official announcement will take place during the 4th Convention of the European Left, 13-15 December, 2013, in Madrid, Spain. This could be a first step for the European Left to rally the ordinary Europeans to initiate a pan-European Resistance struggle against the European "chapter" of the barbaric world elites.


 Greek National Holiday 

This is October 24, 2013. Four days from now there is going to be the annual military parade to commemorate the October 28, 1940 attack of the Italian Fascists against Greece. The Greek government in an effort to economize, will not spend money on fuel for fighter jets to take part in the festivities. So, very rich private Greek "philanthropists" will donate the money for the fuel. Meanwhile, … one third of the Greeks go hungry. The "philanthropists" and the Rightist government of Greece, following the "universal" values of the owners of the planet, ascribe to the motto: "Patriotism, Religion, Family". Which is another expression of the Nazi KKK [Kinder, Kirche, Kueche; Kids, Church, Kitchen]. 

The young Pavlos Fyssas put it much more effectively: "Glory to money, we have a God" 

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