Ascent into love, Translation of Carlos Bousono’s poem: Subida al amor

Ascent into love, Translation of Carlos Bousono’s poem : Subida al amor
(The first poem in Bousono’s first collection of the same name, written before he was 22,
sounds very much like being his declaration of « love » with life or rather his « testament » of love .  A good many of the poems selected by A. D. Amusco in his anthology : Poésia Antologia 1945-1993 have been revised by the poet, himself.
T. Wignesan)
Pay attention to the airs, Solitary Soul !
Sad soul which goes whimpering all alone.
Rise up, mount ! Love awaits you !
The summit looms high. Limit the harness !
Fluttering, trembling and pale,
I see you mounting with your force held back.
The sun returns where, until yesterday, the moon reigned.
The moon arrives where yesterday blew the north wind.
At last, life shines forth with light.
At last, death is dealt a deadly blow by light.
The summits sing, and so do the valleys. Sing !
those who’re always alive to those who never die !
Face to face together with God’s : listen
to the airs vibrating and live your dreams !
Life together with life, light bound up with loving light
and the humane heaven bound with love in heaven.
Lower the light of love, the light of life.
I feel with ease the minuteness of airs.
Let the light of God dissolve in that of the soul !
How clear it all becomes at once. What silence !
© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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