Autumnal Dirge

Autumnal Dirge
(One of many possible translations* of « Chanson d’automne » by Paul Verlaine)
         for Sandra Feldman
Drawn out sobs
   of autumn
Wound my heart
Through a languor
Hardly breathing
And turning wan, when
    The knell tolls,
I recall
Days gone by
   And I cry
And I have to leave
With the unwelcome wind
   Which bears me away
Here now, there then
Much as  a
   (Wafting) Dead leaf.

·      This is as close to a literal translation as I can get, for I do think the original visual structure ought not to be disturbed and as long as the poet’s « meaning » (Intentional fallacy/Affective fallacy notwithstanding), if any, be not overly distorted.
© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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