Blood On My Hands

Every man you killed
I killed him
Every utterance of hatred you spoke
I spoke it
Every wall you built
I built it
I can’t help but be the monster of your creation
You drew a line in the sand and I must be on your side
For my mother’s religion
Now my religion
No one asked me about god
No one asked me about sides
No one asked me about that man’s life

Every woman who had to give birth, in the cold, to a frozen baby
Every child that saw a glimpse of occupation and died
Every old man who watched his father’s trees uprooted
I did that
Blood on my hands
The blood of a lamb
The blood that you shed
You make me an enemy and put a gun in my hand
You fill me with hate and send me off to the slaughter
I could have been innocent forever
But you killed me
Just like you killed him


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