There’s a flower

that’s blooming out on the horizon

and here we stand

on these towers thrust up from the ocean


and we can’t find our wings


And my heart breaks

from the pressure of a billion broken lives

and I’m not strong enough 

on my own to somehow answer all their cries


and all I have is grief and rage


As the foundations shake 


is equal parts rarity and vitality


and plastic wings

are bought and sold

ten thousand-fold


and war ensues

with self-interest

viciously pursued


And my heart breaks

as lonely millions cascade from the towers

with their faulty wings

only together will we ever reach the flower


And my patience fades

as the petals are glowing so brightly

so I take the hands

of all I can

and face the fall


And we embrace the wind

and we gasp as the flower grasps so tightly

and our wings are freed

and we soar across the rolling seas

and away from all the greed.


But my heart breaks

for all the pleading hands that I couldn’t find


and I awake 

from my reverie

and see we’ll never truly fly

with others left behind

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