Escape on a Jet Plane?

Detours curve, having been carved:

cities, the architecture of entitlement

neglecting the land and fruits.

Security snares with investment plans

and rat traps.  The four-part harmony

has long since gone flat.


Time to rock and roll.  Time for

the anger.  You push push push

you the robots with neckties engineered

stealing lives, thundering bomb drops and raids

considering only your futures, day trading,

accruing debts with no intention to pay,


Only rape, and an inhumane harvest of birth-

defected children, seen as potential energy—

Plug ‘em in!  And ride on into that holocaust

scarlet sunset, tinged with the dust of the new

West: human beings tied up with decimated remains

of lifeways and ancestors, tied up with rodeo ropes,


Allocated reservations and pittances. 

And the beat goes on.  Chop-chop, clop-clop,

we are all toxic, chop, kerplunk, ka-ching, here’s your change:

we are all toxic, chip-chop, tip-top, top shape, top shelf

as you exercise inside sterile walls with

electric gadgets buzzing, even then counting cash.