Fanatical Cowards

Bitten bitter by this bomb

Set upon us the billions strong

The countless souls all shrinking away from

All that’s unpleasant and empty of our sought rum

Running from the thoughts that would move us to a still

That inescapable logic and impenetrable emotion

Which can only give one chills…


Who would think that any other world

Was someplace more worth living?

Who among us will stand to mar this mural

Across this absorbed humanity so riveting

With all its’ sights lights and sounds

Mindless bullets that keep us from leaps and bounds


The fire that surrounds us

This is all there will is and was

Nature’s permanently temporary,

And have no envy in me

For the keepers of the fledgling thoughts

That perhaps we may rise above

The self-defeating rationale that now rusts

And as for all intelligence and meaningful love…


Die in this fire tonight

The creator and the reaper

You disgust me to no end

But out of the goodness in my heart

I’ll give you the courtesy of showing you to your maker

The only true god, the only worthy aspiration

For all life as far as we have understood it

Is merely waiting impatiently to be dead




But perhaps the hellfire is a primal notion

Of a species scared and insecure

From their virgin birth into a godless universe

And without any sexual orientation

To educate us about our true roots

Of which we have had to discover on our own

With no guiding hand but that which we refuse to know

Is our own collective concept imprinted in the soot

That stems from our unknown chanced emergence

Into this ancient world in which we have blindly followed and fought


So I speak to all you who seek to block

Our transcendence of the insanity

That we put upon ourselves in a frightened state of awe

In a frantic attempt to attribute the beautiful complexity to that which

We all know cannot possibly exist



Die in this fire tonight

Our creator and your reaper

You disgust us to no end

But out of the goodness in our hearts

I’ll give you the courtesy of showing you to your maker

Your only true god, your only worthy aspiration

Is merely life as far as you can ever understand it

Constantly waiting impatiently to be dead

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