For the Day of Atonement…and the day on which I die.

The Day of Atonement
As the Day of Atonement
and the season, month, year, century and millennium
in memory of the
One Great and Unending Holocaust
rapidly approaches
let us all reflect…
not on the crimes
of a deaf and blind G-d
who has allowed it to go on…
but rather
on what each of us
has not done
to end it.
if we are all together,
and the very universe itself
nothing but another experiment in life
in some petri dish of nightmares
only to make you feel small
in the mind of the Divine
at least for one moment
which is only the duration
of our individual lives…
let each of us
leave that Creator’s very being
for all time and forever
in terror…
It is only deaf and blind
because we left It so
in not giving a fuck
about the least of Hers/His/Its/Theirs
attributes of beauty
nor even those asinine and impotent powers
of mercy or compassion.
But instead we succeeded
in becoming greater
than any such G-d we left
in comparison to us
a cripple
by having more love
for each and every one of us
than It/They/He/She
had for all of us…
Hey, why the hell should we hope
for any fucking messiah to save us
when each of us
can be an army of one Messiah
among a legion
of Messiahs and Messiahesses
For low and behold
even if there is any G-d of ALL Love
I know for a motherfucking fact
is what the Cocksucker
is hoping we will do and…
Love each other
more than any G-d…could fathom.
I’m looking forward to when I die…
and finally seeing God…fucking weeping
and being inconsolable for a change…
that the finest French kisser
who ever touched His/Her/Theirs/Its lips while I was alive
…is no more.

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