Free Power

                                                       Free Power
                                         O                     P                   S
                                            W                                   S
                                               E                             E
                                                   R   –  M A D  –  N           
                                                       free power
                                                   from its fetters
                                         no power without the people
                                   does power arise from any other source
             than through the intent to control  confine  confiscate  con  conk  conjure 
    computerize  contort  compel  complicate  concoct  compress  concuss  conflict 
 confute                  condemn  corrupt  collar  convict  collectivize                   confound 
 concenter                   communalize  collogue  collude  collonize                commandeer    
        compartmentalize  castrate  calumniate crucify  combinate  cutdown  curtail        
       curryfavour  curb  cully  cuff  cuckold  crush  crunch  cross-question curveball     
        conform  confuse criticize  croak  criminate  crash  cramp  cram  crackdown    
                                                    covert   counterplan   
                   countermine  counterfeit  counterattack  corrode  convert  contrive 
                                           contaminate  constrain  consecrate 
                                                      connive  conquer 
                                                power is a venomous snake
                                                       that sheds its skin
                                                        but not its venom
                                                   free power from its sting
                                                     free power from belief
                                                    from self-righteousness
                                       from don’t-not-look-at-me aloofness
                                           from protective-damnedness
                                              from ego-centred-ness
                                                 from megalomanic mindlessness
                                                          from aryo-apartheid-ness
                                                                   from i’m-right-Jack exclusiveness
                                                                            from self-opining holiness
                                                                                     from crass-headed-ness
                                                                 from puritanic-mule-headedness                                                                                                        
                                                                                                     from airy-fairy grandiloquence
                                                                                                          from haughty vengefulness
                                                                                                      from scary authoritarianism
                                                                                                     from the love of command
                                                                                        from sexually dominating abusiveness
                                                                                          from un-empathic tightfistedness
                                                                                    from back-scratching dastardliness
                                                                              from building castles in the air-ness
                                                                        from masonic clubbiness
                                                                   from musty brotherhood-ness
                                                                                          from stealing and selling-ness
                                                                                                  from never-enough greediness
                                                                                                         from carion-loving usury
                                                                                              from thoughtless puttingdown-ness
                                                                                       from self-aggrandizing acquisitiveness
                                                                                                      from the love of pomposity
                                                                                             from the seclusive-ness of honours
                                                                                           from fawning and flattery
                                                                                      from foggy non-visibility
                                                                                from armoured parades
                                                                                    from press confounding conférences                                                                                                     
                                                                             from the Security Council colluding combine
                                                                    from the General Assembly showy-mugheadedness                                                                                                   
                                                                                     from secret international pacts
                                                                                             from noseyparker-ness
                                                                                         from the international monetary fund
                                                                                   from partychairmanship-ness
                                                                              from multi-national-ness
                                                            from Fort Knox Reserve Bank Swiss numbered accounts
                                                     from Wall Street self-indulging perks to whoppy self-given salaries             
                                                                  and billion-dollar bonuses
                                                             from electioneering charitable-ness
                                                       from taking more than giving-ness
                                                 from absent inaccessibility
                                           from highly guarded hifaluting-ness
                                     from bypassing-ness
                                              from sanctimonious peacefulness
                                                      from viagra sterility
                                                              from bleary-eyed self-satisfaction
                                                                        from save this to spend that-ness
                                                                                 from take a crap on others-ness
                                                                                         from stratified doddering hierarchy 
                                                                                                 from smirking hypocrisy
                                           from foie gras state dinners under candelabras in coattail-ness 
                          from promising full-employment save the forests children and old-aged-ness
                from so-called full medicare social security lower taxes & more paid leisure-ness
          from housing for every no-one to no parking ticket-ness
                   from HIV indigestion
                            from AIDS constipation
                                     from putting-on airs-ness
                                          from marauding menacingness 
                                             from mièvrerie
                                                      from state dinner pent-up flatulence
                                                               from stentorian vociferousness
                                                                        from stem-winding-ness
                                                                         from log-rollingness                                                                
                                                                        from flabby-bellied-ness
                                                           from stench-filled under-arm-ed-ness
                                                     from sweaty-palm-ness
                                               from stink-breath-ness   
                                             from treacherous backslappingness           
                                         from stuffing-the-mouth-without-chewing-ness
                                     from word slipperiness                      
                                 from work inertia and lethargy
                                           from gamboling sleepiness
                                                    from not-listening-ness
                                                            from turning-the-back-while-talking-ness
                                                                    from averting-the-eyes-ness
                                                        from dirty-trick-ness
                                                   from sick secret-service-ness
                                               from bloody tricky smiling-ness                                                                         
                           from thinking-one-and-saying-another-ness
                                                                      from forked-tongue-ness
                                                               from spitting-in-the-face-when-talking-ness
                                                        from smiling-and-looking-daggers-ness
                                                 from gourmandise
                                                          from niaiseries
                                                                  from wishy
© T. Wignesan, Fresnes-Paris, May 14-17, 1997.  From the collection : « Poems Omega Plus : a less than obvious sequence », Paris, 2005.                          

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