catechize these shameless people, cleanse this humanity with pyre, but people wont change, things wont change…
no matter what ever happens, nor even gods come along, people wont change, things wont change…

what use is your determined walk when the winds blow you away!!
what use is your wise talk when people act like sheep and shy away!!
which history has learnt the lessons from its past!!
when did it ever change its course of deception!!

did Rama's arrow stop Ravana's raging inferno!?
did Krishna's Gita stop the battle of Kurukshetra!?

even while the stone-age cave turned to marble villa…
did the law of jungle change all through the millennia!!
it's the same pillage, same plunder, and the same surrender…
when the law of jungle creeps into the streets, is it a wonder!!

that the survival of the fittest is the law of our species,
haven't we experienced it all through these centuries!!

(English translation of the original from Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry)

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