I am a Palestinian

          They say I am incapable of self-expression 

They say I do not belong 
They say: This land was ours from so long 
They say: You must go 
I chose not to follow 
They took my blood 
They pierce my bones with fear 
Green uniforms and rifles 
They enter my house 
Two hours pass 
My people walk off their land 
My people say they don’t want to see their children slaughtered

I am lost 
They say I do not belong 
They say I have no rights 
They say I have no home

Everyone’s talking 
What’s wrong and what’s right 
What’s real and what’s fake 
Everyone’s full of hate 
I will not stand aside 
I choose to ride 
I belong, from so long 
Before the birth of civilization 
Before the birth of time 
I am endowed with love 
I am endowed with peace 
But I will not sit and watch you fry my brother 
I will not sit and cry when you rape my sister 
I am past watching and crying 
My throat is sour 
Did you see my power?

I screamed! 
I cried so loud the world became deaf 
I said to myself: I will not need your help 
I will take my right 
I will fight 
Now they call me a terrorist 
The enemy of the State 
I was erased from the map of the world 
My freedom, my dignity 
Have become words to be sung and treasured

I cried, I bled, I died 
I am the son of man 
Did you see how blue my face was 
When your hands were around my neck? 
Did you see my sister’s tears 
Her bones wavering with fear? 
You let her blood soak the earth 
Not knowing that You have given birth 
To a hundred thousand souls 
My blood is sour 
You will see my power!



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