LAM YABQA ELLA AL-HAJAR (The Stone is All That’s Left)


They fire more bullets … penetrating the body of another child

Bleeding, from the leg, from the liver … The body is drained by a rain of metal

His eyes seek a star in the sky … falling in space, seeking a new home

Perhaps the beauty of that shooting star will comfort him … but the black clouds blocked his vision

His Soul held onto his body or whatever is left of it … And the Angels wail, begging for forgiveness

The child’s head smashed on the rocks … And bitter blood spilling

Mixed with tears of Agony … as it triquels down the cheek of the moon


The Wind thickens and the Spirit holds on … and still in his hand a stone

When he released the stone … the moment it touched the earth, it exploded.

The Earth trembled as his body was laid on a triangle of red blood

The Black clouds from above … and the green lawn from beneath

Then butterflies from Heaven … furnished a white bed, embraced with flowers

Surrounded by the Angels, bowing … and their faces covered with dirt


Damn the Leaders of War … Damn the leaders of the world

Whenever we ask them about destruction … they say: "we do this for your protection"

They have protected nothing but Death and Disgrace … Day and Night, protecting their propaganda of lies

They say that they stand for Peace … but in the night, they fire more bullets

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