Learning Freedom

It’s got to be learned
But it can’t be taught
You can pick up on it in the air
Or in my eyes
Or in the talk
On the streets
There’s a murmur
A sound
Rumbling from the ground
Up into a collective roar
The caged lion will not be silent
Till it becomes second nature
Liberty or death
Resist or desist
Born free, I insist
To live free
Or die free
Being cogs is not an option
The machine must be destroyed
The routine must be disrupted
Until all the chains are broken
The cages open
And through no barriers
We can finally see the light of day
And through no borders
We can finally see each other
Speak one language
It’s got to be learned
But it can’t be explained
It’s just got to be done
Wait for no one
Live now
Live free
Act now
Act Free
Be now
Be free
It’s got to be learned

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