let me come over I’ll shid-Ski on your couch

poem:         let me come over I’ll shid-Ski on your couch

                        very hard to listen to "Democracy Now"
w.o. the inter-Nay tie
wouldn’t be hard for me to have a younger woman around,
and w concupiscence struggle forth as a mountain-Man does
as my temperaments had expected that companionship
since 1975, before and after Viet-Cam-Laos end zones
as I’ve caused myself anguish and chagrin
losses of creative spurs
found in protests, demonstrations, vigils, die-Ins
set the course for democracy-Purpose, society enlightenment
by consolidating normal living into aspects consoling
of penury consommé and solo-Travel
overextending into travails
too much the consolute resolution of the ostensible "empire’s need of putdown"
boomers extolling and then dropping-Out
the entourage against the oligarchic "technocracy" rallying on-on-on
whether freedom of communication survives the onslaught
toward ‘revolution’ not of slurb-Sprawl flatness earnings
without unions of urban corridors, but lividly living on asphalt
coupled to neo-Con’s belligerence
the conifer trees die-Offs
always the task of stress
there may never be an opportunity for my ties w women
to loosen progress of-the-Soul
                        for opening those aspects of heart
                                                                                  in the sense that the nuclear-Molecular
                        reality does not offer a total-Tangent without conditions,
                        anxiety is something factorable which the publics have,
                                     the populous organized in liberty,
                                     freed from wanton disregards
                                     of pollution not chastising themselves
                        may be that the people do not attempt to overcome enough for themselves
                        who they are naught
                                                           that they are too sick to remember the collective "who"

      written @ sRC by "R" Addison 10-21-09 

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