needs and necessities are niceties

poem: needs and necessities are niceties
                           the hapless, dry, voices from the Krakow nazi-Ovens
dust on the faces of the slaves taught how to burn dead-Bodies
no saliva, only taste of cyanide and bones
a fly-Ash anointment, burials poured into fresh riverine-Waterways Polish or
a slight definition of revolt appetizer remnant Germany
the arrests came a year or two later, not such freedom 
from ghetto of fences to ghetto of internment camps
the nazi machine, those sicko-SS uniforms disguising monsters called men 
in a virtuous-Void beyond the resolute dare reality w machine guns, 
death-Reining supreme ‘stenches’ and some Gestapo-Gook holding a loaded 
caldron-Crucible populations-Executed w little detail to dutiful trauma, 
to offerance of whomever the-Them, an harmonious grief
 the tables turn of law-Event executes the executioners so privy in war’s civilians
 one-Year of houses built for 6o,000 people, while-the-Cage remains fettered
 just-for-you new settlement moved-In glees for the view & speed-Thrift
 the paranoia-Movement eradicating the Palestines food-Growing: farms
 amended imports-Gaza needing 
 waterways and no chlorines drinking-Water for two-Years, and not for making a 
 West Bank integrative but for a clone-of-Colonies w.o. propaganda
 the march of civilians to become illegal-Settlers: four, like the lines to the death-Ovens
 one hill upon the next hard to see me here lines of non-Delineage
 in a gated-Growth w high-Fence surround of the swathe of militaryism
 by civilians in disguise of IDF
 quasi-Human endemic West Bank privacy to Israelism, or paranoia
 owing to not-the-United Nations as treaty-Signed laws-Thrust of truth
 more onslaught toward arrogance, free-Credit, caged & cage-Propagandize the Gaza
 rather than to rebuild the ovens of Krakow and parsimony them here or inward
 Palestines established good-Ole Jerusalem, home of the once-Waz war of 1967
 that the holes in flesh from phosphoric-Burns upon the people’d civilians 
 itinerary of a caged-Ordeal, known as     
 Gaza-Blockade, illegal
 as something to do better w keeping children from schools, 
 and mother’s ever watchful eyeballs for the bus,   
 ambulances obliterated en route to what’s let-Pothole of those student-Civilian 
 bits ‘n pieces of once-Waz
 waiting-for-the-Bus, those human-Remnants in quest of living, starting a family,
 believing in education or may be having fully adapted to non-Violence 
 and become the onslaught of world-Stage parity for democracy-Seeking
 the fiddlers lament to not playing happiness to the cage
 that sits upon a floor of a highrise apartment building wrought-Iron porch
             built for Mediterranean music, the town’s dancing has limits
 one warlord of disposition to fetter disbelief in living standard after the other 
 lost to no-Known bombs in the Cagey
 culture, crow being fed human-Remnants inside chromed-Metal, wings nipped
 visually-Contextualizes the despotism of the neighbors across the hegemonyite-Wall
             outside the fences that periphery where orchards of Palestines 
 now cut into dusts of Palestines like fly-Ash shoveled by slaves Krakow for apartments, 
 because jewish-Remaking Israels never to see affirmation of sunlight amassing as a need
 heaped upon the no longer arable lands-Soil, the compacted by pentagons-Aid schemas
 to the-Iraels  tanks-Galore preponderancy, helicopter flight spasmodicum
 compounding where to bury the dead
 their non-Eagerness
 editing the landscape primacy of war’s here, the soils nowhere, then the stocks from u-S   
 manufacturing of white-Phosphorous, of tungsten,    
 of metal granules or the corporate-Displacement 
 to be too much like the NSDU-238 1 u-S Congress provisions for
 and of Iraq-Lands 3-phases surreal-Landspin indigency
 inward wartorn overture to imperialism-Remains one-World disunity, the oddity
 where is the Palestine music not heard any longer than Rafah tunnels for foodstuff, 
 medicines, fuels,   
 books measured meters, echoes
 bombed into non-Existence ‘sands’
 but no-Peace, not-in-this-Truce, no Mediterranean music of Lebanon nor Israels
 the blues needing to be heard in a very-Big mannerism of exchange
 the nite-Life never seen, never-Heard, lovers due dome’s exorcised relief-Committee 
 held back w   
 the journalists not allowed to enter, 
 and to maintain the lack of iconoclasm
 not to kiss upon dark-Spots dried-Blood atop concrete-Greying heat remnants from 
     rays growing oftener the greenery than heated sidewalks
no fading niceties in-the-Ears, nor Buddhists slaughtered by
Myanmar army’s goons, news & reviews peace-Needs amenity reports, reverberations
of aberrations, either nation-State’s goon-Pods political leadership
or army of goon-Squads obliterate-Humanity egotistical-Egoism from u-S arms sales
itineraries for insurance self-Destruction anti-Peace observance
written by "R" Addison © 1-31-09 
1  The not-so-depleted uranium-238 is 60% fissile matter  & suffers from radiation as exposures?

note: pdf available by request…

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